KitchenDEV Success Stories

See how KitchenDEV helps kitchen businesses work smarter and exceed their goals.

Adornus achieves 98% reduction in errors and saves time with KitchenDEV’s automated order entry system

Adornus powered by KitchenDEV

Explore how Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center improved the accuracy and quality of their proposals with Dealer Portal & Order Automation.

Aqua Kitchen & Bath used KitchenDEV

Learn how Home Art Tile Kitchen & Bath increased their productivity and efficiency for 40% with KitchenDEV CPQ system.

Home Art Tile used KitchenDEV CPQ system

KitchenDEV stories are all about sharing innovative examples of how cabinetry manufacturers, their dealers, interior designers, builders, contractors, and other kitchen and bath industry professionals are performing their work better, faster, easier, and less expensively, to achieving operational excellence with the help from the KitchenDEV Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) Dealer Portal and Order Automation.

Our users choose us because of a significant help they get in managing end-to-end work process flow, from pricing cabinets to orders and returns with our premium sales automation software tailored to the kitchen industry.

KitchenDEV effectively integrates with your current inventory, accounting, and other systems as a highly flexible and component-based B2B solution. The goal is helping you manage your work as effectively and as proactively as possible.

Cabinetry professionals love KitchenDEV. Our Dealer Portal and Order Automation platform is easy to use and flexible to the point that you can use it for a variety of tasks and important parts of your work process. Ultimately, KitchenDEV proves as the very engine that drives your cabinetry business into the future of success.

Intuitively designed, easy to navigate, created with a deep and thorough understanding of your cabinetry business and work process, KitchenDEV automates your work.

Read KitchenDEV Success Stories to understand how kitchen and bath industry professionals use our product and get ideas on how you can use KitchenDEV for your benefit.