Solutions for Every Manufacturer Size

For established manufacturers, those who are starting new, and everything in between.

  • Make your catalog accessible to more dealers
  • Online Order Portal
  • Integrate and improve your existing systems
  • Quick pricing
  • Easy and fast invoicing with Quickbooks integration
  • 2020 Design integration
  • Online Portal For Your Dealers

  • Accept and Process Orders

  • RMA Management

  • Inventory Management

  • Accounting Module

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Make Your Catalog Accessible to Your Dealers

Invite your dealers to create KitchenDEV accounts, add your cabinet catalog to KitchenDEV, and get more orders and make more sales from your dealers.  

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online pricing and ordering portal

Online Order Portal

Provide your dealers with our Online Pricing & Ordering Portal where they can import a ready 2020 design, adjust modifications, add notes, and do all the work for you — best of all — error-free! At the same time, you are able to check configurations and acknowledge orders or ask for revisions. Our online portal makes the communication between your dealers and you smooth and easy.

Mobile Application for Warehouse Employees

KitchenDEV Manufacturer App is now available on App Store! Our mobile application helps manage the purchase orders receiving and preparing orders for shipment. Warehouse employees scan barcodes generated by the KitchenDEV application to collect, assemble and load items for delivery which automatically sets the order status. Admins are able to track the orders in real-time and provide their customers with accurate estimates for delivery and pick-up. 


Use the mobile application's barcode scanner to scan items.


Scan and mark items as you assemble them


Collect items for orders

SHIP & Receive

Receive purchase orders and ship customer orders

Integrate and Improve the Systems You're Already Using

If you’re already using an ERP or a manufacturer software like 2020 Insight, you still need an online ordering portal for your dealers. But you don’t need to throw away the system you’re already using. We can provide an online ordering portal-only solution and have it effectively connected to your existing systems.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing?

Please contact us for pricing.

When was the app first launched?

Cabinet Pricing and Ordering application by KitchenDEV was launched December 2018. Right now it is on version 3.5. You can read product updates on this page.

Will my dealers need advanced training?

KitchenDEV is very easy to use and your dealers will not need advanced training.

Which countries do you serve?

Currently we only support kitchen manufacturers who are selling in USA and Canada. Other countries may be supported as long as you have a stock (non-custom) kitchen cabinet catalog.

Do you offer free trial

We do not at this point. We can share demo accounts if you get in touch with us.

Can we add our catalog to the application?

Certainly. Please contact us and we will help you upload your catalog in to the application.