New Features: History and Catch Up

Who gets it: Retailers

What is it:

Dashboard page is now split into 3 tabs: Quick Access, History, and Catch Up.

  • History tab displays proposals and orders in a simple and compact way and allows users to collaborate together by leaving notes.
history tab
History tab
  • Catch Up tab displays proposal and order mentions for the current user as well as proposal and order status changes.

Catch Up tab

Why it matters: This feature allows retailers to keep up with new proposals and work as a team.

How it works: For a global view of all proposals and orders retailers create, users visit History and Catch Up tabs on the dashboard.
History tab displays a nice view of all proposals and orders. Both proposals and orders can be sorted by latest or oldest and filtered by status. Users can add new notes, mention other users, filter by unseen mentions, and change proposal/order status. Catch Up tab displays recent activities and mentions. Here, users can see who and when changed Proposal or Order status, as well as notes where they were mentioned.