make it your own

Manufacturer Private Label puts your name and brand in the spotlight and gives you maximum control over processes with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software while empowering your dealers with an easy-to-use online portal.

  • No credit card required
  • 30-day free trial
  • Setup in minutes

Private Label


As a private label manufacturer, you get a unique app URL with your domain, while all the sign-in pages and emails you send to your dealers will include your branding and company information. Every time your dealers use the app and see your name attached, they will associate it with convenience and quality, and their loyalty to your brand will increase.


Offer your dealers a unique online portal where they can import kitchen designs or enter parts manually to easily get pricing. Let your dealers place orders and see the lead time and order status in real time. Provide them with a login of their own, and let them order only from your catalog.


After you invite your dealers to join you within the app, they will be able to sign up only to your ordering system and see only your catalog. We take the pressure off of you and your company by taking all the responsibility and working on updates or fixes. Sit back and enjoy our dependable support.


Add and invite your dealers, and adjust discount levels for each as desired. Easily manage the order workflow including change order flow and manage the RMA process with ease. The multi-user system allows your staff members and warehouse personnel to join you within the app while you get to streamline the order management workflow smoothly.

Would like to maintain a high ROI while saving time and money?

Ask us any questions about the luxury of choices and features we offer to Manufacturer Private Label users, and let our experts show you how we solve your problems and propel your success to a whole new level. 

Do you already use an ERP?

Not a problem. You can use our full ERP application or only some selected components. We integrate with Netsuite and similar ERP applications. Our  application can act as an online portal to your dealers where they can upload 2020 designs and see your pricing. They can then place orders on our application which will end up as quotes in Netsuite or the ERP you already use. 

Our clients say

“It’s like this kitchen cabinet estimator was made for us! So to-the-point and just what we needed! Our employees started using it in no time as it is so easy and intuitive to use. We were able to improve the accuracy and quality of our proposals instantly. Not to mention that we can now easily follow up with customers and get photos of the completed projects and reviews. Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software brings a great value to what we do. Also, thumbs up for the support; all our questions were answered in a very prompt manner. “
Sales person and Designer – Aqua Kitchen and Bath Design Center
‘’Before we started using KitchenDEV, we used to do everything manually, go through all the catalogs, pricing books, etc. But now, everything is easier. I can follow up with my customers on time, place my orders, and put pictures on them. It just makes my life easier. We’re more efficient, by 40%. Since we started using KitchenDEV, we are more productive, we can reach out to our customers easily, and we get the response right away. I would recommend KitchenDEV for sure for every single retailer who wants to do their work more professionally.’’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing?

When was the app first launched?

Cabinet Pricing and Ordering application by KitchenDEV was launched December 2018. Right now it is on version 3.5. You can read product updates on this page.

How many companies are there in your system?

We have close to 600+ manufacturers and 700+ dealers in our system. Our goal is to build a platform where dealers and manufacturers connect and do order transactions easily.

Which countries do you serve?

Currently we only support kitchen manufacturers who are selling in USA. Other countries may be supported as long as you have a stock (non-custom) kitchen cabinet catalog.

Do you offer free trial?

Yes we do offer 30-day free trial. No credit card required. You can sign up here.

Can we add our catalog to the application?

Certainly. Please contact us and we will help you upload your catalog in to the application.