How to Find Kitchen Cabinet Dealers to Sell Your Products?

Are you looking for a way to find more dealers to sell your kitchen cabinet products? You’re in the right place!

We’ve prepared a list of working tips that will help you locate more kitchen cabinet dealers and make new connections to increase your business sales & revenue.

Create a Visual Catalog with Download Ability

Catalogs have been a key element for B2B and B2C businesses for over a century. Online catalogs for eCommerce help companies generate awareness among online visitors and make them more likely to make a purchase by providing an inspirational, content-rich experience.

With online catalogs, you provide an inspiring product experience while ensuring product offers are accessible to potential buyers. You can also take the next step after creating your catalog and import it to sites like our own — KitchenDEV.

Our software has a massive collection of kitchen and bath manufacturers’ catalogs available for browsing, pricing, and ordering directly from our app. Registering for our app and submitting your catalog will give you visibility and boost your sales, help you connect with retailers, and streamline your entire B2B process overall.

Generate Downloadable PDF Files on Your Website

Having all the information on the website is really important. However, giving customers the opportunity to have information readily available even offline will improve your online business even more. So, make sure to have all the info that you find important ready for download. Creating downloadable files will help you increase capturing relevant emails from local dealers and others who will be interested in your kitchen cabinet products.

To have PDF files working on your website, you will need to create a contact form that will send a PDF file to a lead after they leave their contact details. This way, you receive a new connection and potentially obtain long-term cooperation.

Increase the Number of Your Dealers & Expand Operating Area

Before you put your catalog on sale, it is always good to do your homework and complete proper research around your local area. Simply find out where your dealers are. This will depend on the area that your business can cover. You can use websites such as Yelp or Houzz to find dealers, contractors, and other businesses that could potentially be interested in your products.

Another great way to find more connections is joining other cabinet manufacturers within our Cabinet Pricing Software. By signing up for our app, you will get a chance to connect with hundreds of local dealers in your area and help you grow your business.

Add Requirements You’re Looking for in Kitchen Cabinets Dealers on Your Website

Do you have a list of clearly defined requirements you’re looking for in ideal dealers on your website? If not, it’s time you add them.

Clearly defined requirements will send a strong message about who you want to work with and make it easier for both you and potential dealers to realize who is the right fit and how to become one.

You can check out our blog post on how to find cabinet manufacturers and important dealer requirements for more information. It is always great to create dedicated landing pages on your website that will reach to the specific targeted audience you want to work with. By optimizing such landing pages, your chances of gaining more partnerships with local dealers will increase.

Create Quick and Easy Registration for Kitchen Cabinet Dealers

Now that you succeeded in interesting dealers thanks to the information they collected on your website, make it easy for them to contact you. Make the registration process easy, remember to check registrations on a regular basis, and give them timely feedback. You want to be taken seriously, so hire someone to always check and keep track of registrations.

Use ERP Software

It is a great selling point if you have software that does all the heavy work for you, KitchenDEV application known as Cabinet Pricing and Ordering software can help you with your connections, as dealers will have an easy way to show your products to their customers and easily price and order. This is exactly what KitchenDEV software does for you. It is a powerful B2B tool that will help streamline your processes and make your day-to-day job so much easier. KitchenDEV offers quick and simple pricing and ordering process that will save you time and money while helping you increase sales.

But our app is so much more than that. It also allows you to upload your 2020 designs, create effective proposals, handle the end-to-end flow and successfully integrate the app with your existing inventory, accounting, and other systems. You can test out all the features for FREE in our 30-day trial.

Hire an Outside Sales Representative

Hire an outside sales representative and have them travel in your area and visit dealers so you can make direct contact with them presenting them with what you offer.

Show them your catalogs and leave some samples behind so that even if they don’t need your service right now, they can have contact if a need for your products shows up later.

Attend Local Events

Go to industry events and rent a boot to display your cabinet products. Many cabinetry dealers join the events to find new product lines. Visiting local events will help you and the local community get to know each other. This can help form new partnerships and can increase your dealer network.

Invest in Digital Marketing

You may have heard it referred to as inbound marketing. It sits at the top of your funnel, or the “awareness” level.

Organic marketing is basically used for establishing a unique brand voice and use social media and online search engines to distribute relevant content to a particular audience.

So, what you’re doing here is educating customers, building a long-lasting brand, driving authority in your niche or industry, and improving your SEO. You can check out our kitchen marketing tips and apply the advice to your own marketing strategy.

Invest in Your Brand

Investing in your brand generates profit. To create a strong brand, you need careful planning and a long-term investment. A successful brand is actually a great product or service, accompanied by creatively designed and implemented marketing.

Branding is based on making a difference. A successfully branded product informs consumers about “who” the product is, “what” the given product does, and “why” consumers should pay attention to it. The essence of branding is singling out your product from all other products in the same category and showing its uniqueness.

Here’s how to do it.

First, create a vision and mission, and then define your target population. In accordance with the target population, develop a strategy that will bring you clients.

Uniqueness will definitely help build a brand.

Invest in Your Website

We live and work in an online era. So we must adjust to that. In modern society, it is important to be online. It is necessary to provide your clients with contact via the Internet (website, social networks, email communication).

Invest in promoting your work online because customers will ask Google about you. The website has a role to increase the presence and visibility of your business with customers, which is crucial for the continuous growth of the business.

For example, if a customer does a Google search, it would be ideal if the search pointed to your site and your services. It is important to note that in addition to creating a site, search engine optimization plays an important role. That is why it is crucial to leave the creation of the site to an expert team of people experienced in marketing, web design, and SEO. Only proven experts will make your site easily accessible to everyone.

These are some of the instructions that we strongly recommend you follow. Try to remember that quality takes time, so be patient and work hard following the tips above and we assure you, you will see the best results possible. You can always hire someone to help you build your brand and to be recognizable among potential kitchen cabinets dealers. Good luck!


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