Achieve Effective Communication between Manufacturers & Retailers

Effective communication is a key component of any business’s success, especially in the contemporary kitchen and bath industry. Excellent internal and external communication has a powerful positive effect on employees, customers, and partnerships between manufacturers and retailers, just as it hugely impacts the value both parties offer to their customers.

However, communication is one of the most common obstacles among the employees in the fast-paced kitchen cabinets industry. In fact, there is a chronic lack of effective, timely, and dynamic communication between cabinetry manufacturers and their retailers. Even though emails are traditionally widely used among both parties because of their convenience, they are no longer enough for effective communication as they lack true interactivity.

To help both cabinet manufacturers and retailers run successful businesses, KitchenDEV brings solutions to enhance their mutual communication and internal correspondence. From creating initial orders and back-and-forth messaging to confirming order details and making various adjustments, both parties can benefit from a practical, easy-to-use, and innovative tool that guarantees effective and prompt communication.

By working together as partners and communicating effectively, cabinet retailers and cabinet manufacturers can enhance communication across their entire respective organizations, reduce labor, save time, and provide the greatest value to their customers at the lowest possible cost.

Here’s how KitchenDEV can help.

Why Cabinet Manufacturers & Retailers Need Proper Communication System

Effective communication between cabinet manufacturers and cabinet retailers starts at the top. This means that both the manufacturer and retailer company need to have established clear protocols and systems for communicating everyday business information, internal and external. Instead of it being a confusing and unproductive game of telephoning and emailing, smart and innovative companies rely on modern technology for more accurate information and better communication.

How to Achieve Effective Communication between Manufacturers and Retailers with KitchenDEV

By incorporating a communication app into your existing workflows, you’ll be able to distribute information at a much faster rate to all employees.

Both cabinet-making and cabinet-dealing work are highly dynamic, meaning that information on orders, for example, can change multiple times in a day. With KitchenDEV cloud-based communication app, you can reach both your employees and your manufacturer or retailer at a moment’s notice with new information.

KitchenDEV’s Cabinet Pricing & Ordering cloud-based brings many abilities curated especially with cabinet manufacturers’ and their retailers’ needs in mind. Among many other things, it enables cabinet manufacturers and retailers to exchange messages via an application and emails. All the communication is saved under the application’s database making it easy for both parties to find and access information whenever needed.

This means that not only it helps manufacturers and retailers communicate and solve issues promptly, but also enables them to always have a history of communication handy. Whether it’s order changes, payments, delivery or pick-up dates, or any other kind of updates, the KitchenDEV app empowers you to communicate effectively which is not only important but often crucial for the sales process. And this is exactly what KitchenDEV gives you.

Here are the most important benefits of employing the KitchenDEV ERP CPQ system in your everyday business communication.

How KitchenDEV Evolves Communication between Manufacturers & Retailers

By incorporating KitchenDEV technology into your cabinet manufacturing company or cabinet showroom, you’ll transform the way you do business.

Take a look at all the abilities KitchenDEV’s Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app gives you to make the communication with your manufacturer or retailer more effective.

How to Achieve Effective Communication between Manufacturers and Retailers with KitchenDEV Infographic
How to Achieve Effective Communication between Manufacturers and Retailers with KitchenDEV Infographic
  • Design and measurement appointment scheduling ability
  • Calendar view available for all appointments and dates
    – Proposal: Design scheduled, Measurement scheduled;
    – Order: Pickup date, Cabinets installation, Delivery to the showroom, Delivery to customer.
  • Mini-Chat — for handy, quick, and convenient correspondence between cabinet retailers and cabinet manufacturers.
  • History — displays proposals and orders in a simple and compact way to allow users to collaborate with each other by leaving notes.
  • Catch Up — displays proposal and order mentions for the current user as well as proposal and order status changes.
  • Multiple Location Company Collaboration — the ability to create multiple locations for a company and manage users, proposals, and orders per location
  • The ability to send promotional emails to the customer after the desired number of days following cabinet installation
  • The ability for manufacturers to enter payment instructions for their dealers and easily communicate with them about any special instructions regarding sending payments
    Manufacturers can choose to send delivery estimate emails to their dealers.
  • All emails sent from the app such as order email, acknowledgment, invoice, contracts, are automatically logged in the app. Users can see the history of all emails sent from the Messages tab.
  • Advanced email system with a dedicated IP to reduce the number of emails being automatically blocked or marked as spam
  • Simple access to dealer records for cabinet manufacturers

Choosing the right ERP application is crucial to a successful retail or manufacturing business, and the KitchenDEV app may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. By developing communication and trust with it, cabinet manufacturers and retailers can harness their complementary efforts to adapt quickly to marketplace changes and develop more creative ways to meet their mutual customers’ needs.

Establish a Streamlined and Effective Communication by Implementing KitchenDEV

Focus on growing your business and establish an effective communications strategy with KitchenDEV. With clear, streamlined, and prompt communication, other benefits will follow suit – maximized productivity, deepened trust in your brand, improved customer satisfaction, increased revenue, and reduced costs.

KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app enables you to stay connected with your cabinets vendor or your cabinets dealer, as well as with your employees throughout the day in order to collaborate and solve problems efficiently. Its features provide all the needed flexibility and give more room for productive, integrated, and consistent collaboration between cabinet manufacturers and cabinet retailers.

If you’re a cabinet manufacturer, learn how to get started with KitchenDEV and help the relationship with your retailers realize its full potential.

In case you’re a cabinet retailer, learn how to get started with KitchenDEV as well and experience all the benefits of enhanced communication with your cabinet vendors.

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