Local Landing Pages: How to rank higher for specific locations?

If you are a kitchen cabinet dealer who serves multiple neighboring towns, you might be wondering how you can attract more local customers and increase your sales by creating local landing pages. The answer is simple — you need to rank higher for each target location. In this article, we’re going to discuss how to effectively rank in neighboring towns and expand your business.

What Are Local Landing Pages?

Have you ever wondered how we find most of the shops we use on a regular basis? Or how we choose a restaurant we’ll go to with our friends? We simply ask our phones for suggestions! It’s become second nature to us asking for “the best Mexican restaurant near me” or “the most affordable kitchen cabinets near me” and trusting that Google will come up with appropriate suggestions.

Wouldn’t you want your business to be one of those suggestions too? Well, the good news is that it can be! One of the best ways to accomplish a higher rank for your desired location is to create a local landing page, otherwise known as a city landing page. Local landing pages or city landing pages are website pages created with a focus on a specific location. A city landing page is supposed to bring in customers with the help of location-specific SEO tactics.

Should I Create Local Landing Pages for My Business?

If we take into consideration that most Google queries are about local information, then the answer is very clear — Yes! You should create a city landing page for your business if you want to communicate that you serve multiple areas and not just the city where you are located. These local landing pages are also excellent if you have more than one store in different locations. And if your goal is to bring in and convert local customers, you should definitely create a city landing page.

What Are The Benefits of City Specific Landing Pages?

Local or city landing pages have loads of benefits. If you own and operate a business, then you’ll want to be on your local community’s radar. A primary benefit of city specific landing pages is that they’re excellent at converting local customers. According to research, almost half of the clients who look for a local store on their phone will actually end up going to that store on the same day! This should be incentive enough for you to consider creating local landing pages.

Attract More Customers with City Landing Pages

Having a city landing page can increase your lead generation and consequently raise your organic traffic and sales. This happens because, among other things, having a location-specific page will, in some cases, also result in more shares and links from local blogs, reviewers, and news articles. The more eyes are on your business, the better. Increasing your visibility with local landing pages is paramount if you’d like to attract more customers and skyrocket your sales.

Local Landing Pages Increase Google Authority

Local landing pages carry a significant amount of authority. Creating city landing pages with all the relevant local information, including your business name, address and phone number gives Google a green flag and tells it that your business is legit and that Google searchers will find the information they are looking for on your page. Google always tries to make a local connection with the query so that it can give the best suggestions. Then why not help Google out by creating a local landing page?

More Unique Content with Geo Targeted Landing Pages

Local landing pages provide a super opportunity for you to create more unique, local content that will be appreciated by your local customers, but also by Google! Everyone knows that for Google, content is still king. Unique, valuable, and useful content will get you more website visibility, more clicks, and consequently — more sales. Consider your local services and clients when creating a local landing page and publish content that is relevant to that specific location. This might look like a specific menu or a catalog if you have multiple stores, or you might offer a discount for special events specific to the location.

What Should a City Specific Landing Page Include?

It can be quite a challenge to create a relevant and well-optimized city landing page, which is why we normally suggest leaving this part to the professionals. It goes without saying that this page, as well as every other page on your website, should be optimized for mobile.

Geo-Specific Keywords are a Must for City Landing Pages

The next thing that you or your marketing or SEO agency should pay attention to is the keywords that should be used. Make sure that the keywords are geo-targeted and included in the meta titles, descriptions, headings, body text, and alt tags.

Include Social Proof On Your Geo Targeted Landing Page

Social proof is not to be neglected. One of the best ways to increase your sales and trust is to show your customers that you are a well-loved and respected business. You can do this by sharing reviews and testimonials you get from your customers.

Interactive Location Maps and Contact Information for Local Landing Pages

Interactive location maps are an excellent feature that will make the process of your potential customers finding you and making a purchase so much easier! You should also include your accurate contact information and location-specific business hours. Adding the payment methods you accept is also a great bonus that your customers will value, and so will Google.

Hire KitchenDEV and Increase Sales with Local SEO

Local landing pages or city landing pages are one of your best opportunities to attract interested customers and increase sales. We understand that the process of creating and maintaining your city specific landing pages must seem very overwhelming. Here at KitchenDEV, we’ve been helping local kitchen and bath businesses increase their online visibility for many years with stellar success. Our team combines the knowledge of marketing, SEO, social media, and PPC to get you to the top of the Google search results. Let’s get in touch and discuss how we can create a winning strategy for your business.


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