Are the Catalogs You Work with:

Available in 2020 Design

We integrate with 2020 Design software. This means you can export your kitchen designs from 2020 Design and import them into KitchenDEV easily for quick pricing and price comparison with many cabinet manufacturers.

Not available in 2020 Design

This is not an obstacle to getting easy pricing and ordering within our app. The main advantage of working with KitchenDEV is being able to easily get pricing for catalogs that are not available in 2020 Design (e.g. smaller cabinet manufacturers).

What are the Capabilities You are Looking for?

Easy Cabinet Pricing and Ordering System

Cabinet Pricing & Ordering is a CPQ software exclusively developed for kitchen cabinets. You will be able to add and organize all your catalogs in one place, get pricing, place orders, and track the complete process. Reduce errors and amount of work with all of your designers and sales personnel within a centralized and streamlined application specialized to meet your needs.

Complete CPQ Software for Various Items

Currently, we do not support custom catalogs for hardware, appliances, and other non-cabinet complementing items typical for kitchen remodeling projects. However, we created ways for you to work with non-cabinet items as well — manually, by adding custom line items to the invoices. If you require a customized solution for your needs, please contact us with details.

Here’s How to Get Started

Call Us

We highly recommend you to call us, get information instantly, and see if KitchenDEV is a fit for your business. A free trial is available but will require time to configure the system and import your data. Instead, you can simply start with a call, see if this is something you need, and then continue exploring KitchenDEV yourself, with our help along the way, of course.

Start Free Trial

Get your hands on the software for 30 days, absolutely free of charge. We don’t ask for your credit card or any kind of commitment. First, we will verify your business, then help you import your catalog, and set up the system, at no charge!

Interested but Not Ready Yet

If you recognize and wish for the unique value KitchenDEV provides but feel that your business is not yet ready to get started, please submit your information. We will keep in touch with you via email, inform you about news and updates, and you can contact us when you are ready to move forward.