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Jarlin Cabinetry is a wholesaler and distributor of RTA (Ready-to-Assemble) cabinetry. This means that they do not sell directly to homeowners and other public clientele, but to cabinetry dealers. They provide local delivery and shipping as well and promise quality wood kitchen and bath cabinets at affordable prices. Their products are perfect for new building homes and kitchen and bath remodeling projects. If you’re interested in Jarlin Cabinetry, you can learn more below and explore their catalog with KitchenDEV from where you can easily and safely quote and order them if you’re an independent cabinetry dealer, or if you’re a major contractor or builder with multiple projects.

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Who Owns Jarlin Cabinetry?

The owner of Jarlin Cabinetry is Xin Huang.

Where is Jarlin Cabinetry Made?

Jarlin Cabinetry is made at 3430 Davie Rd, Davie, FL 33314, USA. There is no in-store shopping but there is an in-store pick-up. Their phone number is +1 954-688-4084. Jarlin Cabinetry has a well-stocked warehouse in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and more warehouse units throughout the US, all to be able to ship orders quickly, safely, and accurately. For this reason, they continue to expand with more warehouse locations and new cabinetry lines.

What Is The Quality of Jarlin Cabinetry?

Jarlin Cabinetry features solid wood construction, superior finishes, high-quality hardware, state-of-the-art construction, and design features you can rarely find. This RTA cabinetry manufacturer also created 10 door styles, a beautiful variety to choose from, at an affordable price — Dove White Shaker, Ebony Shaker, Soda, Sterling, Perla, Charlton, Newport, Avalon, Smokey Gray, and Area Blue. Jarlin Cabinetry says that their cabinetry is perfect for homeowners who need a beautiful, highly elegant kitchen that is also cost-effective.

How Much Do Jarlin Cabinetry Products Cost?

RTA cabinets are cheaper than stock, semi-custom, or custom cabinetry in general. When it comes to Jarlin RTA Cabinets, the situation gets even better. As a wholesaler distributor to independent kitchen and cabinet dealers, and major contractor and builder firms, Jarlin Cabinetry provides real wholesale, factory-direct prices that are as low as you can find. However, the quality, functionality, and beauty are also there.

Jarlin Cabinetry Reviews

Phenomenal cabinetry designs and affordable pricing, wonderful cabinetry quality, nice selection to choose from including both styles and colors, very knowledgeable staff, professional, reliable, and courteous, fantastic customer service, and prompt shipping — these are some of the reviews on Google about Jarlin Cabinetry.

How To Work With Jarlin Cabinetry Through KitchenDEV In 2023?

Use KitchenDEV to work with Jarlin Cabinetry anywhere in the US. We have added the new Jarlin Cabinetry catalog to KitchenDEV, just as we continually improve and regularly update all cabinetry catalogs available in our app. The latest releases and updates for the Jarlin Cabinets catalog are available in the KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software. Cabinet dealers now have an easy way to price Jarlin Cabinetry, order, and communicate when they wish to use the Jarlin Cabinet products for their projects. Contact us now.

How KitchenDEV Helps You Work With Jarlin Cabinetry?

As soon as the Jarlin Cabinetry catalog 2023 became available, it is immediately imported and published in the KitchenDEV Jarlin Cabinetry Catalog as well. This enables you to have always up-to-date catalog content that is impeccable and accurate. After you fill in all the initial data and create a proposal version, you can start selecting various Jarlin Cabinet products, including the latest ones, by uploading exported designs from 2020 Design Software or ProKitchen design software or pressing Select Door Styles to choose from the KitchenDEV database manually. To add Jarlin Cabinetry products to your cart, filter items by part code or description. This is how Jarlin Cabinetry customers get full access to the best, most complete, and easy-to-use resource for each project when they wish to use their kitchen or cabinet products.

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