Kitchen Renovation Marketing Guide: 5 Effective Ways to Get More Clients

Kitchen renovation marketing — this is an answer to your question on how to generate leads for a kitchen remodel company, whether you’re a cabinet manufacturer or a kitchen and bath retailer. As a business owner, you need more exclusive kitchen remodeling leads and we’re here to help you acquire them.

Rest assured, by kitchen renovation marketing we don’t mean advertising in the sense that you need to pay thousands of dollars for new leads each month. Instead, we will lay out before you the most effective ways to get more clients organically and empower you to keep doing so for many years to come with minimum financial investments.

Keep reading to learn everything about the best digital marketing for kitchen remodeling companies and how to start implementing it today.

Why is Kitchen Renovation Marketing Necessary?

As a kitchen designer, cabinet manufacturer, or kitchen and bath retailer with a showroom, the right kitchen remodeling marketing strategy, if done right, can help you reach more customers than ever before. In fact, remodeling marketing strategies prove essential whether you’re just starting or you’re already an established business.

Connecting with homeowners, residential and commercial clients, cabinet manufacturers, retailers, interior designers, contractors, and builders is at the heart of your business and a starting point for success. How are you connecting with them currently? Do you know where they are and what do they need? Are you showing them that you provide solutions for their problems and needs?

Running a kitchen remodeling business is no joke, especially now, when the kitchen is the most valued room in any home. Also, the pandemic transformed the way U.S. consumers view, use, and renovate their kitchens. For example, a recent survey by The House of Rohl showed that more than one in three (36%) respondents plan to update their kitchen or bathroom this year or early next year, while 44% with an income of at least $150K plan to update one of these rooms.

You don’t want to miss that boat.

What may have worked for you at the very beginning probably is referrals and word of mouth. But if you keep relying solely upon these traditional methods, you’ll inevitably see a significant decrease in walk-ins and phone calls over time. You may have already seen this happening or you want to prevent it by starting with kitchen renovation marketing. Whatever is the case, there is no better time than now to start.

Get On Social Media to Boost Your Kitchen Renovation Marketing Strategy

Where are the exclusive kitchen remodeling leads you’re looking to acquire?

We know… on social media!

People love when you show them what is it that you’re doing, and there is no better way to show them this than on social media. Of course, your showroom is also a great place for this, but social media is the first place where people come when looking to narrow down their choices when it comes to remodeling their kitchens.

So, if you’re looking to boost your kitchen renovation marketing strategy, hop on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Houzz, and learn how to use each. Don’t hesitate to show your products, designs, makeover projects, installation projects, before and after photos, behind the scenes videos — people love these.

Make sure to post relevant, educational, engaging, and fun content on a day-to-day basis, start conversations and communicate with the community and your industry partners. This is the way to boost your brand recognition. With it, recognition from the local community and potential clients will come along. Respond to their comments and private messages, show that you’re happy to engage with them, show that you care about their needs, and they will come to you.

kitchen renovation marketing using social media

To sum it up:

  • Post on a daily basis.
  • Keep the conversation going by interacting with the community.
  • Encourage your customers to show their new kitchen on social media and tag you.
  • Respond timely to all private messages and comments you receive. You never know if some of them are from your next customer.
  • Don’t forget to add relevant hashtags to your posts.
  • Invest in paid social media marketing to reach a wider audience and more customers.

You can get on social media by yourself, or you can hire a digital marketing agency if you haven’t already done so. In any case, learn How to Evaluate Your Agency and Marketing, and let us know if we can help.

Let Customers Find You Organically with the Right Kitchen Renovation SEO Strategy

Just like social media, Google can also help you with generating leads. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is crucial for any type of business, and in the modern competitive market, it is more important than ever for kitchen remodeling companies.

Optimize Your Website

We highly recommend hiring an SEO expert to help you optimize your website and boost your ranking on Google. Using the right search words (keywords) that describe the core of your business, products, and services you provide, and everything related, you will attract the right customers, engage them on your website, and receive more contact forms, emails, and calls.

Local SEO is the most important part of the kitchen renovation SEO. Your potential clients are looking for local businesses when looking to remodel their kitchen, sell more cabinets, source cabinets and apply to become a dealer or find dealers who will sell their cabinets. There are many sorts of kitchen renovation companies and they are all looking for ways to connect with one another and reach more homeowners. SEO is a sure-fire way for any of them to attract and connect with the right crowd.

kitchen renovation SEO
SEO is guaranteed to connect you with the right crowd

When creating a kitchen renovation SEO strategy, we recommend you to pay special attention to the local part and include local (city) landing pages, creating unique and relevant content, including geo-specific keywords, social proof, interactive location maps, and contact information.

It is crucial for you to rank for the local search, so the people in your and neighboring towns you serve can find you. For more detailed information on how to achieve this, read our article on How to Rank in the Neighboring Towns written for you by our SEO experts specialized in the kitchen industry.

Create Google My Business Profile and Optimize All Your Listings

Google My Business is the place when many potential clients will find you, so make sure to make the best of all the possibilities it offers for businesses like yours. This is the place that you should make sure to optimize regularly — optimize it with basic business information (name, address, phone number, working hours, etc), create posts, promote products with various call-to-action, add photos of your projects, create updates like changes in working hours for holidays, and respond to reviews about your business will leave there.

People love the convenience of Google My Business because it’s very helpful in discovering local business, meaning that all clicks go to maps and every phone call is completely free.

kitchen renovation marketing: Google My Business 


An example of how to properly optimize your Google My Business profile.

That being said, all information about your business on all your listings should be consistent. This means that your profile on Yelp, for example, should feature the same business information as on Google My Business, your website, and your social media.

Nurture consistency on all of your business listings Nurture consistency on all of your business listings.

To learn more, get more Kitchen Marketing Expert Tips and download a free Kitchen Marketing Strategy Ebook.

Provide Your Customers Superior User Experience on Your Website

  • Make it fast, simple, and easy.

Speed, style, ease of navigation, simplicity — these are the most common traits of the best websites. Consumers love websites that are easy to navigate, that are loading fast, that engage them with great content, and that allow them to easily and conveniently contact you.

  • Optimize for mobile.

Your kitchen renovation marketing strategy must also include optimizing your website for mobile, as most of the consumers are on smartphones or tablets instead of desktops these days.

Kitchen remodeling marketing website optimization

  • Showcase your products or services.

To showcase your products or services the right way, make sure to invest in a professional photoshoot. Showcasing your kitchen remodeling projects on your website can earn you many future clients, as these photos show your skills the best. Eye-catching, bright, professional photos will appeal to your target audience.

  • Explain the importance of what you provide.

Give all information about your products and services, or as much as you can. People who look to remodel their kitchens want to know as much as possible before they make a decision, so make sure to provide them with the information they are looking for. For example, if you’re a cabinet manufacturer, it is crucial to create your online cabinet catalog with information that will make it easy for both homeowners and cabinet retailers to discover your products. As a cabinet retailer, you surely have an amazing cabinet selection, but you don’t want to keep it only in your showroom; create a cabinet selection on your website and allow your customers to browse them online.

And don’t forget to make it easy for people with disabilities to access your website.

Include Emails into Your Kitchen Renovation Marketing Strategy

You probably already have a customer email list but may not see it yet as a commodity it actually is. Here’s a hint — organize it and keep growing it. Email marketing is one of the few rare ways you can directly reach your customers and be sure the information has reached them. Whether you wish to let them know that there is a new product in your catalog or your showroom, or you wish to showcase some of the latest remodeling projects to inspire theirs, emails are a sure-fire way to reach them and stay fresh in their lives and minds.

email marketing strategy

Your digital marketing agency can help you with email marketing but if you don’t intend on hiring one yet, make sure to send emails with important information and updates regularly, but not too often either. The important thing is to stay on top of mind but also not to pop up from your customers’ emails non-stop. Keep in mind that the emails you send should be relevant to the customer, useful, and actionable.

Kitchen Remodeling Advertising: Use Paid Ads to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

For more calls, more filled out contact forms, and quote requests, for more projects and more customers, try paid ads. Pay-per-click ads are great for your industry because they combine carefully crafted messaging, highly targeted keywords, and your optimized website experience to create a consistent message that sells.

When done right, PPC advertising generates more traffic to your website, boosts conversions, and brings you new customers faster than conventional methods do. Unfortunately, as soon as you stop paying for ads, advertising stops.

kitchen remodeling advertising

However, when professionally and carefully done, kitchen remodel ads can help keep your business on top of the search results and grow your kitchen remodeling business to the next level. The magic word here is optimizing because it is necessary to continually analyze and test each aspect of every one of your campaigns and accordingly optimize to achieve the results you need.

Contact KitchenDEV for Superior Kitchen Remodeling Marketing Strategies

We hope these kitchen remodeling marketing tips answered your questions on how to generate leads for a kitchen remodel company and helped you understand the importance of having a kitchen renovation marketing strategy in place. If you would like to dip your toes into the matter and try doing it alone, this guide gives you enough insight into the matter and will help you start effectively.

If you are too busy to venture into kitchen renovation marketing by yourself or in-house, contact us. KitchenDEV provides the best digital marketing for kitchen remodeling companies. With many years of experience in kitchen remodeling marketing and advertising under our belt, we are proud to say that we know all the ins and outs of your industry and we understand how everything works. This qualifies us as the best choice to provide you with more exclusive kitchen remodeling leads. To see what we can do for you, please check out some of our customer success stories

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