Coming Soon: New Version (V4) of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

With the new update (V4), we are further improving and modernizing the UX and design of the app. Quickly find what you’re looking for. With all the new functionality and improved app design that we’re adding, we want to make sure you’re able to quickly find the feature you’re looking for.

Promotions Improvements for Cabinet Retailers

Customers are now able to upload their kitchen pictures easily both from mobile and desktop, by simply clicking the picture upload link. The ability to configure and set the date the promotion email is sent after installation date gives retailers peace of mind and assurance that no step in the process is skipped but rather done at the right moment.

New Feature for Retailers: Creating, Managing, and Sending Contracts

Retailers need the convenience of the ability to send contracts to their customers as a link via email. These contracts include a customer review policy, all parts, and pricing on a mobile-optimized new screen, with an option for their customers to simply click and accept the contract.

New Improvement for Retailers: Adding Contacts to Proposals

When in the proposal, retailer users find it necessary to be able to add one or more contacts into the proposed project. Each contact includes name, email, phone, and a note.

Retailers Can Now Log and Review All Critical Changes

This is a new page under Settings named ‘’Audit Logs’’ where retailer admins can now see important changes such as changing the multipliers.

Proposal PDF Design and Order Email Updates for Retailers

The first page of the proposal PDF received design updates for better user experience. Door images of ordered styles are added as well.

Added the Ability to Create User Groups and Manage Permissions

New page -- Permissions, where retailer and manufacturer users can create different user groups and define permissions for each. These user groups can then be assigned to individual users to restrict their access to specific features.

Improved Way of Adding Modifications to Proposal Items

This is an improved way of adding a modification to parts while creating a proposal, with the ability to select a quantity and enter modification note while adding the modification.

New Feature: Selecting Assembly Option Per Part

We added the ability to select whether specific parts in the proposal version should be assembled or knockdown.

Order Status Workflow Update for Retailers and Manufacturers

The update provides a better representation of order workflow and lets both retailers and manufacturers approve the order depending on which side initiated the order.