Easier Proposal Editing Process for Retailer Users

Retailer users are now prompted on next smart actions when they edit a proposal for their customers. We added Draft status warning popup with Design/Measurement scheduled dates and a popup asking the user to order Design done/Proposal accepted proposals.

Order Processing for Manufacturers and Retailers Improved

Satisfaction of your customers is crucial to a long-term success for your company in the kitchen industry. With improvements applied, we help ensure both your and your customers success. Automating the whole process, from ordering, sending acknowledgement to approving/rejecting order, and adding notification emails and improvements to email contents, we speed things up and make the process less error-prone.

We Integrated Stripe to Simplify Credit Card Payments

Integrating Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app with Stripe enables you as our user to stay on our site when making a payment, instead of being redirected to another site. Data is comprehensible and clear, while the checkout experience is seamless.