KitchenDEV Upgraded SendGrid Email Service Plan

Who gets it: Manufacturers and Retailers What is it: We upgraded our email system to go trough a dedicated IP via SendGrid service. This will reduce the number of emails we’re sending to our users being automatically blocked or marked as spam. Earlier, we were on the essential plan with SendGrid and we were sharing […]

How to Map Parts from Different Vendors and Cross Map Proposals to Compare Prices

Learn how to map proposals to another manufacturer for the purpose of comparing prices amongst different manufacturers and providing your customer with a cheaper option. Choose Price Compare option While you’re in the step of adding the items, click on the version actions button to open a dropdown menu with a newly added “Price compare” […]

How to Keep Track of Multiple Catalog Versions and History

Cabinet retailers who use Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App now have an efficient and easy way to keep track of all catalog changes, versions, and history. When cabinet vendors will, from time to time, import new cabinetry line additions, change prices, and add any other important updates. When they upload new files like price spec […]

NorthPoint Cabinetry Catalog Now Available for Retailers to Use

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: This is a complete and regularly updated NorthPoint Cabinetry catalog for cabinetry retailers. We provide you with an easy way to price order and communicate with North Point cabinetry staff, as well as with customers when you wish to use NorthPoint cabinets for your projects. How it works: […]

Aline International Cabinets Catalog Now Available for Retailers

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We have included the Aline Cabinetry catalog, the latest releases, and updates in our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software. Our retailer users now have an easy way to price cabinets, order, and communicate with Aline Cabinetry manufacturer, as well as with their customers when they wish to use […]

How to Import 2020 Designs into Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

You can easily import a design created in 2020 Design software into Cabinet Pricing & Ordering application to speed up quoting. Price parts, add custom modifications and charges, and create proposals for your customers. Import 2020 Design File Directly upload a 2020 Design and add it to the pricing module.⠀ The style selection/design import step […]

How to Streamline Sales Processes Using QuickBooks within Our App

You can now send orders as invoices to Quickbooks. If an order has multiple versions, there will be multiple line items in Quickbooks. When you order proposals, the order will be automatically exported to Quickbooks as an invoice. For this to work, you need to enable Quickbooks integration and select the Quickbooks item which will […]

How to Pay for Orders Using a Credit Card

Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app is now integrated with Stripe to allow you to pay directly using credit cards. Once your order is approved, you can go to the Payments tab and click on “Add Payment”. The payment amount will be prefilled with the order outstanding amount. To submit the payment, enter your credit card […]