TSG Forevermark Catalog Updated with New Cabinet and Assembly Prices

Who gets it: Cabinet Retailers What is it: TSG Forevermark released an updated cabinetry catalog effective from June 1st, 2021, implementing a retail price increase and raising the shipping rate.  Effective Date: 6/1/2021Version Name: TSG Price List 6.2021Key Points:1. Due to the global landscape, prices are increased approximately 10% starting June 1, 2021.2. Effective immediately, […]

User Files are Now Moved to DigitalOcean Storage for Improved Security

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers and Cabinet Retailers What is it: Whenever you upload files, we won’t keep them in the server where the app is deployed. Instead, the files you upload to KitchenDEV will be moved to the secure file storage under DigitalOcean. How it works: KitchenDEV specialists take care of this for you. […]

How to Sell More Cabinets

Are you wondering how you can increase your kitchen cabinet sales? In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, many industries, including the kitchen and bath industry, have felt the economic consequences and a drop in sales. But many dealers are successfully maintaining their heads above water and managing to increase their profits. In this article, […]

How to Dropship Cabinets and Manage Order Process Profitably

Are you looking for a way to easily and profitably dropship kitchen cabinetry? By many estimates, dropshipping represents between 25 to 33 percent of all e-commerce in the USA. Cabinet dealers are looking for ways to participate and take advantage of this growing business trend. However, challenges can arise when dropshipping cabinets, especially when exchanging […]

Liberty Cabinetry Catalog Updated with New Pure Grey Door Style

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We updated the Liberty Cabinetry catalog by adding a new cabinetry door style — Pure Grey PG11. The catalog updates include Wall Cabinets 12″ D, Wall Cabinets 24″ D, Wall Diagonal, Wall Blind Corner, Wall Wine Rack, Wall End Cabinet, Open Shelf, and Wall Microwave price list. Now […]

Major Cabinetry Catalog Updated with New Gray Shaker Style

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We added a new cabinetry door style to the already existing Major Cabinetry Catalog within KitchenDEV. This is the Gray Shaker Style line addition. The catalog updates include Gray Shaker Cabinets, Gray Shaker Glass doors, and Gray Shaker Finish Vanity (33″ H) wholesale price list. Now retailers who […]

CNC Cabinets Catalog Updated with New Products

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We added new products within the following existing styles to the KitchenDEV CNC Catalog. These are Luxor Exclusive Kitchen Cabinets Series, as well as Vanguard, Classic, and Concord Vanity Cabinetry Series. These classic and transitional cabinet door styles are elegant, mitered flat panels with beautiful accent molding. In […]

Adornus Cabinetry Catalog is Imported into the App

Who gets it: Retailers What is it: We have included the Adornus Cabinetry catalog, the latest releases, and updates in our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software. Our retailer users now have an easy way to price cabinets, order, and communicate with Adornus Cabinetry manufacturer, as well as with their customers when they wish to use […]

How to Achieve Effective Communication between Manufacturers and Retailers with KitchenDEV

Effective communication is a key component of any business’s success, especially in the contemporary kitchen and bath industry. Excellent internal and external communication has a powerful positive effect on employees, customers, and partnerships between manufacturers and retailers, just as it hugely impacts the value both parties offer to their customers. However, communication is one of […]

KitchenDEV Upgraded SendGrid Email Service Plan

Who gets it: Manufacturers and Retailers What is it: We upgraded our email system to go trough a dedicated IP via SendGrid service. This will reduce the number of emails we’re sending to our users being automatically blocked or marked as spam. Earlier, we were on the essential plan with SendGrid and we were sharing […]