Get in Full Control over RMAs with a New Ability to Delete Them

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: This is an option for cabinet manufacturers to delete RMAs and restore inventory and balance status to the previous state before the return was marked as completed. This gives them the ability to undo incorrect inventory quantities and balance. How it works: Similarly to deleting other records, under […]

Manufacturers Now Have Easy Access to the Records Associated with Dealers

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We have added links to all records that are associated with dealers for easier and quicker access to them, as well as a simplified dealer page by moving away from payments, transactions, and credit related views into their own view available under the newly added links on top. […]

How to Keep Track of Catalog Changes and Keep Your Dealers Up to Date

Learn how to keep track of all catalog changes by uploading files and providing a description for new catalog versions, describing what has changed. This is done within a new page under the Catalog section. Access the new menu item Catalog > Files & History. You can manage your catalog versions here. To log any […]

The Latest Version 1.2 of the Mobile App Released to the App Store

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers What is it: The new warehouse mobile app version 1.2 is now deployed to the App Store and users can download it and use it as long as they are using our software. We moved the side menu to the bottom of the screen as tabs for easier navigation. How […]

How to Install the Warehouse App On Your Mobile Device

The Warehouse Mobile app is now deployed to the App Store and you can download it and use it for free. To start using the Warehouse App on your mobile device, simply download the application from the Apple Store into your iOS device, follow the prompts for download, and start using it free of charge, […]

How to Add Payment Instructions for Your Dealers

You can now enter payment instructions for your dealers and choose if those instructions should be added to the acknowledgment email or payments section on the order page. This update allows you to easily communicate with your dealers about any special instructions regarding sending payments. Enter payment instructions and decide where the instructions should be […]

How to Permanently Delete Dealers

This feature is available only to Private Label Manufacturers. Since dealers that work with private label manufacturers can only work with that manufacturer and the manufacturer is the one paying for the app, it’s convenient for manufacturers to remove the dealer completely from the system if they decide so. To permanently delete a dealer, first, […]

How to Configure Login Screen Content for Branding as a Private Label Manufacturer

This is an option available only to Private Label Manufacturers that allows them to set customized content on the login screen for branding purposes. Page content can be entered by going to the Settings > General page and entering the desired text into the rich text editor. Branding and personalization are some of the key […]