Cubitac Cabinets Catalog Update October 2022

Who gets it: Cabinet Dealers Effective Date: 10/14/2022 Key Points: Cubitac Cabinetry catalog and prices were updated. What is it: We have included the Cubitac Cabinetry catalog, the latest releases, and updates in KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software. Your dealers now have an easy way to price cabinets, order, and communicate with Cubitac Cabinetry […]

Proposal Configuration Experience Improvements

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers What is it: KitchenDEV brings you three improvements to enhance your experience when working on your proposals: the ability to add alias codes to modifications temporary, the ability to add a notes field for custom items – front end, and more adjustments on the part editing front […]

Online Cabinet Ordering Experience Optimized for Mobile

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers What is it: Mobile fully responsive online cabinet ordering experience on the KitchenDEV proposal page. How it works: We optimized the KitchenDEV proposal page for an easily accessible and seamless online cabinet ordering experience. Our team optimized the proposal page layout to make the ordering process convenient […]

Ability to Charge Tax for any Custom Items

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: We added the ability to optionally charge tax for a custom item when working on a proposal. How it works: When you work on creating a proposal or you need to edit a proposal, you will add items and possibly some custom items as well. The taxable […]

You Can Now Add Notes to Cabinets

Who gets it: Cabinet Dealers and Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: Ability to add notes — additional information to cabinets. How it works: Every cabinet will now have extra space on the bottom for a note. Clicking it will allow you to enter and save a note. The note will be displayed in PDFs and […]

P2P (Point-to-Point) Order Tracking with KitchenDEV

Who gets it: Dealers and Manufacturers What Is It: Point-to-Point (P2P) KitchenDEV Tracking is a visual representation of all essential order stages or steps, with the ability to add a date for each stage/step for even greater convenience and efficiency. How It Works: To set a date for an order step, simply click on it […]

KitchenDEV Now Integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP Accounting Software

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What Is It: There are two abilities: one is to export Orders to Acumatica as a Sales Order; another is to define custom mappings if product names are different in Acumatica. How It Works: On the top right corner of the Order page, there is a new “Acumatica” button. Clicking it […]

Manufacturers, You Can Now Filter Orders by Delivery or Pick-Up Date

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What Is It: Viewing and filtering orders by delivery date is now best accomplished by using KitchenDEV’s Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app. Our Manufacturer users now have the ability to filter orders by Delivery or Pickup date. How It Works: Inside the order filters, you’ll see two new fields for selecting […]

2020 Design Import Update: Combine Same-Code Items Into One

Who Gets It: Manufacturers & Retailers What Is It: This is a new ability to select 2020 design items with the same code and combine them into one item that carries a higher quantity. Additionally, these items will be added to the proposal in the following order: Base, Wall, Accessories. How It Works: After importing […]

Manufacturers Are Now Able to Discontinue Parts

Who Gets It: Manufacturers and Retailers What Is It: Ability to remove a part in a specific door style from the list of available parts in the estimate. How It Works: By deleting the part price in a specific style from the Catalog > Parts page and clicking “Update prices”, the part will no longer […]