Ability to Charge Tax for any Custom Items

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: We added the ability to optionally charge tax for a custom item when working on a proposal. How it works: When you work on creating a proposal or you need to edit a proposal, you will add items and possibly some custom items as well. The taxable […]

You Can Now Add Notes to Cabinets

Who gets it: Cabinet Dealers and Cabinet Manufacturers What is it: Ability to add notes — additional information to cabinets. How it works: Every cabinet will now have extra space on the bottom for a note. Clicking it will allow you to enter and save a note. The note will be displayed in PDFs and […]

P2P (Point-to-Point) Order Tracking with KitchenDEV

Who gets it: Dealers and Manufacturers What Is It: Point-to-Point (P2P) KitchenDEV Tracking is a visual representation of all essential order stages or steps, with the ability to add a date for each stage/step for even greater convenience and efficiency. How It Works: To set a date for an order step, simply click on it […]

KitchenDEV Now Integrates with Acumatica Cloud ERP Accounting Software

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What Is It: There are two abilities: one is to export Orders to Acumatica as a Sales Order; another is to define custom mappings if product names are different in Acumatica. How It Works: On the top right corner of the Order page, there is a new “Acumatica” button. Clicking it […]

Manufacturers, You Can Now Filter Orders by Delivery or Pick-Up Date

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What Is It: Viewing and filtering orders by delivery date is now best accomplished by using KitchenDEV’s Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app. Our Manufacturer users now have the ability to filter orders by Delivery or Pickup date. How It Works: Inside the order filters, you’ll see two new fields for selecting […]

2020 Design Import Update: Combine Same-Code Items Into One

Who Gets It: Manufacturers & Retailers What Is It: This is a new ability to select 2020 design items with the same code and combine them into one item that carries a higher quantity. Additionally, these items will be added to the proposal in the following order: Base, Wall, Accessories. How It Works: After importing […]

Manufacturers Are Now Able to Discontinue Parts

Who Gets It: Manufacturers and Retailers What Is It: Ability to remove a part in a specific door style from the list of available parts in the estimate. How It Works: By deleting the part price in a specific style from the Catalog > Parts page and clicking “Update prices”, the part will no longer […]

Manufacturers, Experience Faster Loading Speed when Working on Reports

Who Gets It: Manufacturers What is it: Sales Reports, Sales Orders, Inventory, and Assembly Reports are now loading faster, along with improved database performance. When you need to work on these reports, they will load faster from now on. How it works: There is nothing extra to do on your end. When you choose and […]

How to Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

As a cabinet manufacturer, sometimes you need to use custom modifications to add an accessory that should be taxable. This is now easily doable with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.  Here’s how to mark custom modifications as taxable. When you go to the custom modification dialog, you’ll see a checkbox “Taxable”. Check ”Add custom modification”. […]

Manufacturers Can Now Mark Custom Modifications as Taxable

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We added an update to the custom modification dialog which includes a checkbox “Taxable”. How it works: When the “Taxable” option is checked, custom modification’s price will be used in a tax calculation together with other taxable items. Why it matters: With this update, our manufacturer users can […]