Coming Soon: New Version (V4) of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

With the new update (V4), we are further improving and modernizing the UX and design of the app. Quickly find what you’re looking for. With all the new functionality and improved app design that we’re adding, we want to make sure you’re able to quickly find the feature you’re looking for.

Announcing Order and Inventory Management Mobile Application for Cabinet Manufacturers

With KitchenDEV Inventory Management Mobile app, you will be able to access your cabinet order and inventory information from any smartphone, Android and IOS. The application is cloud-based, which means that it connects to our cloud-based system. As a result, you can access and manage your cabinet inventory information at any time, from any place with internet connection.

Inventory Logs Improvements for Manufacturers

We added the new column “Action” to inventory logs displaying the source of quantity change. Manufacturers can now have more insight into how their inventory changes and what causees changes, allowing them to resolve any possible issues with the inventory.

Manufacturers Can Now Restore Dealers and Their Balance

The way manufacturers delete dealers is changed so that manufacturers can now restore deleted dealers and their balance. Accidental removal of dealers the manufacturer works with and losing their balance is no longer possible.

Sales Inventory Report is Now Merged with Inventory Report

To speed up the process and make it more convenient and simple for cabinet manufacturers, we have merged the Sales Inventory Report with Inventory Report.

Ordering Process Updates for Manufacturers

Manufacturers need a clear and simple view of their inventory. To simplify and speed up their processes, we added improved functionalities. Now they will be warned if order items cannot be deducted from the inventory and whenever an item is not in stock. Now they can also see the number of order items in the order edit page.

Cabinet Manufacturers Can Now Monitor All Inventory Changes

Whenever manually changing the number of inventory items or approving/rejecting orders, manufacturer users are now able to see quantity change of these inventory items in the "Inventory > Activity" page.

Manufacturers Can Now Download Dealers in a CSV Format

To accelerate manufacturer users’ processes, save their time, and boost productivity, seemingly small improvements can create a big change on a day to day basis. Manufacturer users of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app find it very convenient to be able to download all of their dealers at once in a CSV format. Now they can do this within the dealers' index page.

New Improvement for Manufacturers: Adding Contacts to Proposal

When in the proposal, manufacturer users find it necessary to be able to add one or more contacts into the proposed project. These contacts are usually outside of the dealer company manufacturers work with, so each contact should support: name, email, phone, and a note.

New Feature Created: Transactions View for Manufacturers

All money movements that affect dealer balance can now be seen in the dealer edit page within the new tab 'Transactions'.