You Can Now Select a Predefined Reason When Deleting Orders

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: This is a new ability to select a reason when deleting an order and display that reason when looking at trashed orders. How it works: Deleting orders will now ask for a reason. Users can pick from a couple of predefined reasons or add a custom reason text. […]

Announcements Module Improved: Added Announcement Expiration Date

Who gets it: Dealers & Manufacturers What is it: We have added an announcement expiration date so dealers will see announcements until the expiration date. Announcement content now supports rich text. A new announcements section is added to the dealer dashboard page showing all unexpired announcements. How it works: Creating or updating announcements is improved […]

How to Find Kitchen Cabinet Dealers to Sell Your Products?

Are you looking for a way to find more dealers to sell your kitchen cabinet products? You’re in the right place! We’ve prepared a list of working tips that will help you locate more kitchen cabinet dealers and make new connections to increase your business sales & revenue. Create a Visual Catalog with Download Ability […]

Dashboard Widget Improvements with New Statuses

Who Gets It: Manufacturers and Dealers What is it: Ability to configure tiles that are displayed in Dashboard How it works: Manufacturers can now define dashboard titles under Settings > Dashboard by selecting one of the available sources: Templates, Proposals, and Orders. When orders are selected as a source, one or more order statuses can […]

NEW: Ability to Disable Modifications for a Product Line

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers What is it: Ability to disable modifications for a product line How does it work: The product line create/edit dialog now has a “Disable modifications” checkbox that allows cabinet manufacturers to disable modifications for that particular line. Why it matters: Some cabinet manufacturers may not support modifications for specific product […]

Dealers Can Now Select Pickup Options in Proposals

Who gets it: Dealers and manufacturers What is it: We’ve improved the pick-up shipment method so it now includes 3 options to choose from: Pickup via LTL carrier, Pickup via ground, and Tailgate pickup. This is an optional setting.  How it works: When this option is enabled, dealers will be able to select pickup options […]

Countertop Module Now Available to Manufacturers

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We added a new optional premium module to KitchenDEV developed and designed specifically for offering countertops. Manufacturers can now offer stock countertops (with fixed measurements and colors) but also custom countertops with different price levels, colors, bowl options, etc. How it works: Stock vanity tops are similar to […]

Adding Factory Production-Specific Users with Limited Permissions

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: This is a part of the permission management for KitchenDEV users. We added the ability to create warehouse/factory users with fine-tuned permissions, limiting them to only seeing certain screens and features to be able to do their work. How it works: In order to utilize this feature, manufacturers […]

Dealer User Management View for Manufacturers

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We have added a new ability for manufacturers to manage their dealers in the KitchenDEV app. How it works: New tab “Users” is added to dealer navigation tabs. Here a vendor can add or edit new dealer users. Why it matters: In case dealers have trouble logging in […]