Inventory Sync Between Acumatica and KitchenDEV

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers and dealers What is it: This is an ability for our users to sync inventory between KitchenDEV and Acumatica. How it works: An hourly job pulls inventory and makes sure dealers see live availability. Items that are available show as available. Part of the screenshot of the settings is used […]

Manufacturer Ability to Map Vendor Resource Files to Series

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers What is it: This is a new ability for manufacturers to map vendor resource files to series. With this feature, manufacturers can restrict dealers from viewing selected product lines and resource files such as catalogs. How it works: Create resource – enter label, tag, and series. Series presents manufacturer product […]

2020 Design Import Module Improved to Support Multi-Style Proposals

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers and their dealers See the demo of the process below. What is it: 2020 import KitchenDEV feature has improved a lot. Using KitchenDEV, you can now work with multiple styles/colors and multiple catalogs. Each catalog/style is imported into an Item Group and the user can easily map or ignore the […]

Avoid Errors Working on Multi-Unit Projects with Our Powerful Tool

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers and their dealers You can see the demo below. What is it: KitchenDEV added support for creating proposals for dozens of units with ease. Multi-Unit projects usually have different layouts that repeat for different parts of the multi-unit properties. Your dealers can now create layouts and then duplicate them following […]

New Ability to Add Kit Items Selection to Cabinet Parts

Who gets it: Dealers and Manufacturers What is it: This is a new ability that allows you to mark specific items as kit items and bundle them together with another item so that adding the main item will also include all of its kit items in the proposal. How it works: Manufacturer admin can mark […]

Service or Replacement Parts Can Now be Selected as a Sub-Item

Who gets it: Dealers and Manufacturers What is it: This is a new feature that allows service or replacement parts as a sub-item in the proposal to be added. How it works: On the manufacturer side, when creating or editing an item, users can select which of the service parts are applicable to the item. […]

Chat Widget Solution to Improve Manufacturer-Dealer Communication

Who gets it: Manufacturers and Dealers What is it: We introduce a new ability for cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers to improve their communication even more. Manufacturers can embed a third-party chat solution widget of their choice that helps with customer service and support. When embedded, cabinet dealers will be able to communicate with their […]

Introducing a Specialized Account Type for Sales Representatives

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: We’ve developed a new account type that can be given to sales reps. How it works: Each sales representative is able to see only their own proposals and orders for their dealers, while the admin gets reports to calculate commissions. With the Sales rep account, sales representatives are […]

New Ability for Manufacturers to Filter Orders by Open Balance

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: New ability for manufacturers to filter dealer orders by open balance. How it works: To filter orders by open balance, please select the Open balance checkbox in the order filters, and click Filter. Why it matters: New feature from KitchenDEV for cabinet manufacturers helps them to keep track […]

The Feature to Export Each Room as a Separate Order to Acumatica

Who gets it: Manufacturers What is it: Ability to export each room individually as a Sales order to Acumatica How it works: The same “Acumatica” button that is used for sending an entire order to Acumatica is now added above each room on the Order Edit page. You are still allowed use the send an […]