SJ Cabinetry — Style, Functionality, Quality at Affordable Price

Located in Flushing NY, SJ Cabinetry Corp serves dealers, designers, and homeowners, since 2013. What was once 2000 square feet warehouse with roof leaks and only 3 employees, it is now 84,500 square feet warehouse with 50 employees and 11 unique and beautiful cabinetry styles.

SJ Cabinetry Corp manufactures one-of-a-kind, fine, distinctive finished kitchen and bath cabinetry. This wholesaler’s cabinetry is suitable for all dealers, designers, and homeowners who want to deliver or get a beautiful, stylish, modern, highly functional kitchen at an affordable price.

From Vanilla Cream Glazed, Acrylic White, Mocha Maple Glazed, American Cherry, Mocha Rope Glazed, to Snow White, SJ Cabinetry Corp offers various kitchen cabinetry styles and colors. Whether you prefer traditional and classic, transitional or modern design, SJ Cabinetry will provide you with just right style, color, functionalities you need and price you can afford.

You can browse their cabinets here. If you’re a cabinet retailer and wish to become their dealer, you can apply by filling the form.

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