We Integrated Stripe to Simplify Credit Card Payments

Who Gets It: Retailer and Manufacturer users of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.


What Is It: Integration with Stripe to allow dealers to pay directly using credit cards.


How It Works: As a manufacturer or retailer, you can choose whether you want to accept credit card payments from your dealers under Settings > Payments. To enable payments, check the “Accept credit card payments from dealers” option and enter your Stripe credentials (publishable key and secret key).

manufacturer payment settings


As a retailer, once the order is approved, you can go to the Payments tab and click on “Add Payment”.

order payments tab

Payment amount will be prefilled with the order outstanding amount. To submit the payment, enter your credit card information and click “Pay”. Once the payment is created, your manufacturer will receive an email about it and you will see the newly created payment in the table.

Why It Matters: Integrating Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app with Stripe enables you as our user to stay on our site when making a payment, instead of being redirected to another site. Data is comprehensible and clear, while the checkout experience is seamless.