RMA Management for Retailers and Manufacturers

Who gets it: Retailers and Manufacturers

What is it: New feature available both in the retailer and manufacturer part of the application. On the retailer side, a user can submit RMA requests. These requests are then visible in the manufacturer part where they can be accepted or rejected.

RMA preview

Why it matters: Cabinets may get damaged during delivery or wrong items may be ordered. RMA Management allows retailers to initiate the return of certain order items in such cases and keep track of it. The manufacturer can then decide what to do with it.

How it works: In the top right corner of the order edit page, within the retailer module, there is a button ‘Create RMA’. The order needs to have ‘Completed’ status before the RMA can be created. When clicking on the button, the user is navigated to the new page for creating RMA. Creating RMA consists of 3 steps:

  • 1. Selecting the items that need to be returned and their quantity
  • 2. Selecting the reason and resolution for each item and optionally attaching images
  • 3. Reviewing and submitting the request. Once submitted, it will be visible on the manufacturer side. The manufacturer can then decide whether to accept or reject the request.