Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App Now Integrates with QuickBooks Online

Who Gets It: Cabinet Retailers

UPDATE: We have also enabled Quickbooks Desktop Enterprise Integration for Manufacturers.

What Is It: We sync invoices in between Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app and Quickbooks to streamline and simplify retailer sales processes and empower cabinetry retailer businesses to grow faster.

How It Works: Retailers can send orders as invoices to Quickbooks. If an order has multiple versions, there will be multiple line items in Quickbooks. When users order proposals, the order will be automatically exported to Quickbooks as an invoice. For this to work though, the user has to enable Quickbooks integration and select the Quickbooks item which will be used to store proposal items by going to Settings > Integrations > Quickbooks.

Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App Now Integrates with QuickBooks Online
Quickbooks settings

When integration is enabled, users will see an option to upload proposals to Quickbooks in the last step of creating a proposal.

Why It Matters: Fewer errors, enhanced cash flow, saving time, a higher rate of accounting work, and less money spent on bookkeeping services are only some of the advantages of this integration. Integrating Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app with Quickbooks enables small and medium-sized cabinetry retailer businesses to grow faster by reducing man-hours, increasing efficiency, and improving productivity.