Proposal Configuration Experience Improvements

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers

What is it: KitchenDEV brings you three improvements to enhance your experience when working on your proposals: the ability to add alias codes to modifications temporary, the ability to add a notes field for custom items – front end, and more adjustments on the part editing front end (dealer and vendor).

How it works: To edit the modification code, click the gear icon and select the “Edit code” option.

Edit code

After that, simply enter the new code/description and save your changes.

save changes

Similarly to parts and modifications, the note field is added below the custom item code to allow the user to enter any additional info about that item.

enter any additional information - proposal configuration

A new confirmation dialog that tells the user all modifications will be deleted when replacing a part is added as the last step of the replacement process to make sure the user is informed about possible data loss.

Modifications: changing cabinets

Why it matters: Working on proposals is one of the most critical steps for both cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers, which is why we continually work on improving the proposal process. We believe that the proposal process must be adapted to the particular needs of both manufacturers and dealers, as well as of dealers’ customers. With these three important improvements, KitchenDEV makes sure the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app fits your needs, saves you time, work, labor, and money, and helps you achieve results that keep you ahead of the competition.