Promotions Improvements for Cabinet Retailers

Who Gets Them: Retailers

What Are They: 

  1. The ability to send promotional emails after a desired number of days following cabinet installation within Settings -> Promotions
  2. The ability for homeowners to easily attach project pictures without logging into KitchenDEV
  3. The ability to see and know whom they should send gift cards to and have easy access to order details and uploaded pictures.

How These Updates Work: Enable ‘’send promotional emails’’ and then set the desired number of days after the installation date for the promotional email to be sent to your customers.

In order to allow your customers to attach project pictures, you first have to enable sending promotions and make sure that your promotional email template includes [PictureUploadLink] placeholder.

Your customers will be able to upload project pictures by following the link in the promotional email. In order for customers to receive this email, make sure you checked ‘Send promotional email”, entered the cabinets installation date, and set the order status to “Shipped/Picked up” in the order edit page.

When your customers click on the link, they will be redirected to the project picture upload page.

You can track promotions that were sent by going to Promotions > Activity page. When a customer uploads at least one image, the promotion status will be “Completed”. You can click on a PO# to navigate to the associated order and view the attached images in the “Project pictures” tab.

Why These Updates Matter: When homeowners receive the promotional email from a retailer, they should be able to easily attach photos, without any hassle or logging into KitchenDEV. This is why they are now able to upload their kitchen pictures easily both from mobile and desktop, by simply clicking the picture upload link.

The most common practice for retailers is to send the promotion email after a number of days from the actual installation date. This gives time to homeowners to take a good look at the updates, experience, enjoy them, and form an impression and opinion of the work done. The ability to configure and set the date the promotion email is sent after installation date gives retailers peace of mind and assurance that no step in the process is skipped but rather done at the right moment.

It is also important for retailers to know, at any given moment, to whom they should send gift cards, and also have easy and simple access to order details and uploaded pictures.