Payments Control Improved with Credits Transaction History on the Dealer Edit Page

Who gets it: Manufacturers

What is it: A history of all credit transactions is now displayed in a table with useful information, such as who initiated the transaction or a total credit before/after the transaction.

Credit transactions
Credit transactions

How it works: Whenever a user creates or deletes the credit, and whenever credit is used in a payment, a log of that particular change will be recorded. To see these changes, navigate to the Dealers, then Dealer Edit page, click the button “Transactions’’, and choose Credit Transaction.

This will display all money movements caused by actions such as Order approved/rejected, Payment created/deleted, RMA completed, as well as by any manual changes of a dealer balance.

Why it matters: It is important to be proactive in staying up to date with credit transactions and changes, understanding how each credit transaction is used, as well as who are the users creating changes. These simple steps enable you to easily get detailed information about payments, manage dealer credit, and control payment processes better.