Premium Payment & Credit System Updates for Robust User Experience

Who gets it: Manufacturers

What is it: These are the updates that provide manufacturers with enhanced control over applying and refunding credit, as well as a better and easier way to manage dealer payments. 

Manufacturers are now able to add credit for their dealers, without dealers having to start RMAs. Manufacturers are now also able to delete dealer credit if needed and use dealer’s credit for payment.

Manufacturers are now able to add credit for their dealers
Manufacturers are now able to add credit for their dealers

How it works

When you enter a Dealer edit page, you’ll see a new tab ‘Credit’ and the credit from returns dealer made. As a manufacturer, you can also choose to enter credit by yourself without your dealer having to start an RMA.

When creating payment for your dealer, you will choose between entering a regular payment or applying dealer credit.

Choosing the type of payment
Choosing the type of payment

If you choose to apply dealer credit, you will have an option to select between multiple credits.

Choosing credit type
Choosing a credit type

Why it matters: Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software offers a modern payment system that connects Manufacturers and Retailers in an efficient and productive way and delivers a robust payment experience for both parties. In today’s fast-paced sales environment, cabinet manufacturers need a way to control payment processes better but also to exceed their customers’ expectations. This is why we listen to the needs of our users and provide them with a precise, accurate, and proficient payment and credit ecosystem.