Order Processing for Manufacturers and Retailers Improved

Who Gets It: Cabinet retailers and cabinet manufacturers


What Is It: Improvement of order processing feature for retailers and manufacturers.


How It Works: As a manufacturer, you can now enter an Acknowledgement contract under Settings > General. This contract will be displayed to your dealer during order approval.

manufacturer acknowledgement contract settings

Furthermore, the acknowledgement email sent to retailers will now include a link to the order where they can see the manufacturer contract, review the order, and approve or reject the order.

After the retailer approves or rejects the order, the manufacturer will be notified via email, which will also include a link to the approved/rejected order.

Why It Matters: Satisfaction of your customers is crucial to a long-term success for your company in the kitchen industry. With improvements applied, we help ensure both yours and your customers’ success. Automating the whole process, from ordering, sending acknowledgement to approving/rejecting order, adding notification emails, and improvements to email contents, we speed things up and make the process less error-prone.