Now You Can Use Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App Trial to Make Real Orders

Who Gets It: Cabinet retailers and cabinet manufacturers


What Is It: An improvement of our trial period feature — we made it fully functional so you can actually make orders.


free trial functional


How It Works: As a cabinet retailer, you can select any number of catalogs and order from cabinet manufacturers during your free trial. As a manufacturer, you can send an acknowledgement email to your dealers to confirm the order.


Your free trial will expire 30 days after you open the application for the first time. All projects created with the trial will open and be fully functional in a subsequently purchased version of Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software.


Why It Matters: The free trial for Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app is now fully functional and absolutely equal to the full version in terms of functionality, features it offers, and quality it produces. Manage end-to-end workflow, from pricing cabinets to orders and returns during your 30-day free trial. 


Start your free trial now.