Avoid Errors Working on Multi-Unit Projects with Our Powerful Tool

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers and their dealers

You can see the demo below.

What is it: KitchenDEV added support for creating proposals for dozens of units with ease. Multi-Unit projects usually have different layouts that repeat for different parts of the multi-unit properties. Your dealers can now create layouts and then duplicate them following a name formula and custom increments. 

How it works: 

  • Go to the proposal page and create your first unit which will act as a layout.
    Create first unit that will act as a layout
  • Click 3 dots on the unit name and choose to Duplicate.
    Duplicate layout
  • Enter the unit label to repeat, for example, “Apartment”.
  • Enter the start number, for example, 100.
  • Enter the Increments, for example, 2 for going for even apartment numbers.
  • Enter the unit quantity you want to add.
  • Click save and get 50 units created in under a minute.
    Save repeating unit

Why it matters: Working with multi-unit projects can be very time consuming and also, with large amounts of units, errors usually happen. To prevent this and help you work on multi-unit projects fast and easily, we added UI features that will help you effectively manage proposals with more than 100 units just as you would a one-unit proposal. Use our powerful tool to create layouts and then duplicate them with ease.