Manufacturers Can Now Monitor All Changes on Purchase Orders

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers

What is it: New logs for monitoring changes in Purchase Orders are added to the Audit Logs. Actions that will be logged are changing the order status as well as changing the received and imported quantities of each item.

Audit Logs
To find Audit Logs, select “Purchase order” from the resource dropdown.

How it works: Whenever a user changes purchase order status or the received/imported quantity of an item, the action will be logged with all the necessary information so that users can check what happened in case the purchase order was not processed correctly. To find these logs, select “Purchase order” from the resource dropdown.

Why it matters: To ensure that each and every purchase order is processed the right way, we added features that help manufacturers review all the activities done. KitchenDEV helps you acquire a well-established purchase order management process to ensure that employees follow standard operating procedures before purchase orders are executed.