Mobile App Updates on the Order Screen for More Efficienct Planning

Who gets it: Manufacturers

What is it: Manufacturers now can see the updates from the mobile app on the order screen. Order items table now displays collection status on the ‘Collected’ column and assembly status on the ‘Assembly’ column. See the image below.

Warehouse Mobile App Updates on the Order Screen for More Efficiency & Better Planning

How it works: When the employees who manage the warehouse scan and process orders, the changes and updates will become available for the office to view on the order screen.

When an order is approved by both manufacturer and retailer, it will go into production and delivery. Warehouse workers will collect parts, assemble the parts which need assembly, and deliver them or make them ready for the pick-up. All of these steps will be tracked by scanning the boxes on each stage using the KitchenDEV manufacturer warehouse app. If office admin users, for whatever reason, need to know the status of a particular order, they will be able to see it on the order screen on the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app.

The order screen needs to be refreshed to show the latest updates. Except for that, no additional action from the users is needed. When on the order screen of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app, all updates from the mobile app will automatically show.

KitchenDEV warehouse mobile app Appstore

Why it matters: Being able to see all updates from the mobile app on your order screen allows you to have a better insight into warehouse inventory, provide enhanced customer experience, plan more efficiently with fewer errors, and save time on communication and collaboration with colleagues running the warehouse.