Manufacturers Can Transfer Details of One Dealer Location to Another

Who gets it: Cabinet Manufacturers

What is it: This is a premium ability for our manufacturer users to manage their dealers’ locations.

How it works: If a dealer has only one location, manufacturers will get warned when attempting to delete it.

If a dealer has a premium account with KitchenDEV, manufacturers won’t be able to delete their location via the manufacturer module. In this case, the manufacturer should contact KitchenDEV.

When a manufacturer wants to delete a location, they will now be able to select whether they want to transfer the current location’s orders, proposals, and returns to another location or delete them as well.

Delete Location Dialog within Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App by KitchenDEV

Why it matters: Removing a dealer location or transferring information from one location to another is now safer and more transparent. The update guarantees fewer errors and prevents data loss.