Manufacturers Can Now Mark Shipped and Picked-up Items as Backorder

Who gets it: Manufacturers

What is it: Ability to mark order items as ‘backorder’ as well as set current delivered quantity and backorder note per item.

How it works: When the order status is Shipped/Picked-up, additional columns will be added to the items table (Delivered and Backorder) from where the user can set delivered quantity, whether the item is on backorder, and optionally leave a note about the item.

backorder items

If any of the items are marked as ‘backorder’, the order status will have “Backorder” appended and the status color will change to red. In addition, users can filter these orders by selecting the Backorder option from the drop-down.

backorder orders

Why it matters: In case a retailer did not receive all of the ordered items at the current time due to, for example, a lack of available supply or if the item is not held in the manufacturer’s available inventory and is still in production, or simply because of an error in the inventory department, this convenient feature helps manufacturers solve the issue in an effective way.