Manufacturers are Now Able to See Who Deleted Orders, Proposals & RMAs

Who gets it: Cabinets Manufacturers

What is it: Cabinet manufacturers who use the KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app now have even more transparency in the process of collaboration with their colleagues and dealers, and of selling kitchen cabinets. In case an order, a proposal, or an RMA has been deleted, they are now able to see who did it.

How it works: Whenever an order, proposal, or RMA gets deleted, a log of that action will be saved and can be accessed from the Settings > Audit logs.

Audit Logs Kitchen DEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

Why it matters: This is another way we build transparency, accuracy, and clarity in the process of selling kitchen cabinets. With the ability to see who deleted an order, a proposal, or an RMA, we provide our manufacturer users with better access to data and enable better communication with their employees, colleagues, and business partners.