Manufacturer Assembly and Shipping Fee Settings

Who gets it: Mainly cabinet manufacturers but also cabinet retailers because this update affects pricing and some User Interface changes in the retailer module, too.

What is it:

  • Assembly settings: Manufacturers can define assembly settings globally, per collection, or per specific item.

manufacturer assembly settings

part assembly setting

  • Shipping fee settings: Manufacturers can define a shipping fee based on distance and order cost.

shipping fee settings

Why it matters:

  • Assembly settings: Some vendors have different assembly settings for certain items and not just one global assembly setting. With this change, we now support more complex manufacturer catalogs.
  • Shipping fee: Manufacturers charge shipping fee and now we provided them with a system that will let their retailers know how much will the shipping cost them.

How it works:

  • Assembly settings: As a manufacturer, you can go to Settings > Assembly and create different assembly options. When creating or editing collections and parts, it is now possible to select one of defined assembly options.
  • Shipping fee: As a manufacturer, you can go to Settings > Shipping and create different shipping options based on the radius and order cost.