Inventory Sync Between Acumatica and KitchenDEV

Who gets it: Cabinet manufacturers and dealers

What is it: This is an ability for our users to sync inventory between KitchenDEV and Acumatica.

How it works: An hourly job pulls inventory and makes sure dealers see live availability.

Acumatica Inventory

Items that are available show as available.

Inventory Sync between Acumatica and KitchenDEV

Part of the screenshot of the settings is used to set available, low inventory, and non-available thresholds and custom messages.

Inventory Settings

Why it matters: The integration and inventory sync between KitchenDEV and Acumatica is perfect for manufacturing and retail companies that want a simple way to bring their orders directly into Acumatica without having to go back and forth between the two apps. Integrating KitchenDEV CPQ with Acumatica enables cabinetry manufacturing and retail businesses of all sizes to grow faster by reducing man-hours, increasing efficiency, and improving productivity.