The Feature to Export Each Room as a Separate Order to Acumatica

Who gets it: Manufacturers

What is it: Ability to export each room individually as a Sales order to Acumatica

How it works: The same “Acumatica” button that is used for sending an entire order to Acumatica is now added above each room on the Order Edit page. You are still allowed use the send an entire order using the old button. However, if for any reason you need to send multiple sales orders for each room to Acumatica, you can now do that as well.

Acumatica Export
Acumatica Export

Why it matters: Having more options when making sales orders allows you to process your orders faster and in a way that is more convenient, more efficient, and more profitable, both for you and your clients. This is exactly what you get with the ability to export each room as a separate order to Acumatica while still being able to send an entire order.