Retailers Can Now Enter Items in Multiple Ways & Group Items on Print Proposal

Who gets it: Retailers

What is it: Ability to add new items on top and select whether to group items when downloading proposal PDF.

How it works: Next to the input field for searching the items you will see a new option “Add items on top” which when checked will put the newly added items on top of the item list.

retailers can add items on top

The default way of adding items can be set from the Settings > General page:

default way of adding items: general settings

Additionally, downloading the proposal PDF will take into account whether items are currently grouped on the proposal page and will display the items in the same way inside the PDF.

Why it matters: Some users prefer having new items on top while others don’t. This makes it easy for anyone to select their preferred way of adding items. Proposal PDF should match the way items are displayed on the proposal page so that what you see on the proposal page is also what you get when you download the proposal.