KitchenDEV Upgraded SendGrid Email Service Plan

Who gets it: Manufacturers and Retailers

What is it: We upgraded our email system to go trough a dedicated IP via SendGrid service. This will reduce the number of emails we’re sending to our users being automatically blocked or marked as spam. Earlier, we were on the essential plan with SendGrid and we were sharing the same IP with other apps. This caused some issues as our reputation was being decided on what other apps are sending as emails and whether their users were marking those emails as spam. Now we are fully in control of our own reputation, meticulously monitoring email activity with new dedicated IP, and we are very careful to only send transactional emails to our users.

How it works: No action needed from our users. KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app’s manufacturer and retailer users can now expect to get more control over email deliverability and more powerful command of their sender reputation.

Why it matters: Upgrading our system with a dedicated IP provides our users with excellent deliverability practices and full benefits of this investment and their efforts. We don’t have to worry anymore about other senders around to negatively affect your deliverability. Your IP reputation is now truly yours.