Easy Tracking of Multiple Catalog Versions [Retailers & Manufacturers]

Who gets it: Manufacturers & Retailers

What is it: Manufacturers now have a new page under the Catalog section where they can keep track of all catalog changes by uploading files and providing a description for new catalog versions, describing what has changed.

Manufacturers' view: Files & History Module
Manufacturers’ view: Files & History Module

Retailers will be able to see this catalog history and download any of the attached files from the manufacturer settings page.

Retailers' View of Files & History
Retailers’ View of Files & History

This is a great way for manufacturers to easily keep track of major cabinet catalog versions (e.g. 2019, 2020), new cabinetry line additions, price changes, and any important updates. When manufacturers upload new files like price spec sheets, catalog brochures, etc, they become available to dealers to view and use.

How it works: As a manufacturer, you will see a new menu item Catalog > Files & History where you can manage your catalog versions. To log catalog change, simply click on the “Log catalog change” button to open a page where you can enter catalog change details and attach any necessary files.

Log catalog changes
Log catalog changes

As a retailer, when you open the settings page for any of your manufacturers, you will see a new tab on top “Files & History” that will include a read-only view of catalog changes.

Why it matters: With this update, manufacturers can now easily keep track of catalog changes and keep their dealers up to date.