Features for Downloading and Emailing Proposal PDF, Downloading Order PDF

Who gets it: Kitchen cabinet retailers

What is it:

  • We added an option to download proposal as PDF with proposal details, versions, items, price summary, as well as to send the PDF to customers to the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software.

Downloading and emailing proposal pdf, downloading order pdf

  • We added an option to download order as a PDF document for the contract — it will include proposal details and items, company policy, and a place for customer signature.

Why it matters: Retailers can now email proposals to their customers and download the orders in PDF format for the contracts.

How it works: To print an order, users need to go to Order edit page. Button for Print Order is placed on the top of the page. Printed order will include all items and their prices, company policy, some basic company information, etc. The buttons for Printing Proposal (downloading it as PDF) and emailing it are positioned above the cart. Users can select proposal versions they wish to include in the PDF/email as well as any items from the cart.