New Feature for Retailers: Creating, Managing, and Sending Contracts

Who Gets It: Retailers

What Is It: Ability to create contracts with names – like “Cabinet Contract”. Each contract has a title, a terms list which is signable – and an ending multi-purpose text with info/name/email. Retailers can also manage and send contracts to their customers to sign. Then the customers are able to review the contract page and agree with its items. When the customer accepts the contract, the showroom will get an email notification and the proposal status will automatically transfer to ‘Proposal accepted’.

How It Works: 

Managing contracts

When retailers navigate to Settings > Contracts, they will see a page with existing contracts and have options to create/edit/delete contracts.

Creating contracts

A contract has a name, email body, and sections, each section having a checkbox, title (optional) and a text. They are able to add any number of sections and set the title and text of each section.

Emailing Contract Button

The email body has a placeholder that will be replaced with the actual link to the contract inside the app.

Email Contract Dialog

Sending contracts to customers

When retailer users are in the 4th step of Proposal, they will have an option to select one of the existing contracts and send an email to the customer that will include a link to a public page for signing this contract.

They will be asked for a customer email and will have an option to edit the email body before sending the contract. 

Signing contracts as a customer

As a non-logged in user, when you click on the contract link in the email you’ve received, you will be redirected to a public page inside the app that will include proposal information (parts, pricing) and a contract.

The page is optimized for smaller screen sizes so that it can be accessed via mobile as well.

Signing contract page for Customers

You can check all contract sections and then click on Accept or Reject. 

Accepting/Rejecting will update the status of Proposal to Proposal accepted/rejected and an email will be sent to the showroom (to company email defined in settings) notifying the showroom about customer action.

Tracking sent contracts

When a retailer users navigate to Proposals > Contracts, they will see all contracts sent from Proposal step 4.

For each contract they will be able to see:

  • Customer
  • Description (Proposal description, link to the proposal)
  • Sent at
  • Status (Sent, Accepted, Rejected)
  • Completed at (Date when customer accepted/rejected it)

They are also able to copy a link to each contract which they can send to their customers manually in case the customer didn’t receive an email.

Sent Contracts Page

Why It Matters:

Retailers need the convenience of the ability to send contracts to their customers as a link via email. These contracts include a customer review policy, all parts, and pricing on a mobile-optimized new screen, with an option for their customers to simply click and accept the contract.