Coming Soon: New Version (V4) of the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering App

We’re launching a brand new version of our app and we wanted you to be the first to know!

As a stock cabinet manufacturer or retailer, you often find yourself in a situation where you have too many things to handle on too many different platforms, and with too many people. Streamlining all the processes and effectively communicating with your designers, vendors, and dealers is not easy or simple if you’re using many different platforms.

To help you in these situations and make it even easier and more efficient than before, we’re introducing a Version 4 of the Stock Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app — the unique, industry-specific, cabinet building & retail wizard experience.

A simple and intuitive design with custom features you need

With the new update (V4), we are further improving and modernizing the UX and design of the app.

Quickly find what you’re looking for. With all the new functionality and improved app design that we’re adding, we want to make sure you’re able to quickly find the feature you’re looking for.

With this update, we are introducing:

The ability to integrate external accounting and inventory systems

we connect our app to the tools you already use

Integrations with NetSuite, Epicor, QuickBooks, ProKitchen Software, and Google Calendar.
We already integrate with 2020 Design, allowing cabinet retailers to easily import their designs from the 2020 and add all parts at once, without having to enter one by one manually and simplify their pricing process. We’ve received many thanks from retailers who say this feature takes away the stress of having all items in 2020 for pricing. To make your life easier and allow an uninterrupted workflow experience, we continue to connect our app to the tools you already use.

The portal-only offer

We provide all the essentials and a sleek, highly intuitive, and user-friendly user experience to both manufacturers and their dealers. Manufacturers enable their dealers to do more, easier, and faster with a dealer login where they can create proposals by themselves. The final proposal and order end up on your existing ERP system.

The modular approach to using the app

You can choose the features you need and want to use. The features you don’t want to use will disappear from your menu.

Board view option for proposals and orders

Right now, proposals and orders are only available in a table. The new version introduces a more convenient option to view proposals and orders on a board where each section will have a status (for example, retailer approved, shipped/picked-up, etc.). Also, users will be able to configure their sections and statuses.

A global search for quick access to proposals, orders, and customers

With a search bar on the top of each page, users will be able to search their customers or purchase order numbers at any time. A dropdown with relevant results will be shown after the search performed.

Ordering from multiple manufacturers within one proposal (for retailers)

Right now, retailers are not able to order cabinets from various cabinet vendors from a single proposal. They can add products from various vendors to the proposal only to compare the prices, but when they need to actually make an order, they need to create a proposal for each vendor. The new version eliminates this nuisance and introduces an advantage of easy ordering from various cabinet vendors within a single proposal.

The ability to reorder proposal items, price groups, and styles

The drag & drop feature will allow you to move and group the proposal items as you wish. When adding new price groups and styles, you will be able to move them where convenient for you as well.

Improved calendar and events system, the addition of start and end date, as well as start and end time for events

The new version of the Stock Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app brings you an ability to create custom events, define their start and end date and time, and assign them to users.

More than just a tool

Since its first launch in 2018, many manufacturers and retailers use Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app to stay connected with their designers, dealers, vendors, to manage their pricing, ordering, and other operations, and simply have and do everything in one place. It’s great to see how valuable it is to you!

When we first launched the app, it was intended to help you manage your basic and most essential operations. Today, the app is so much more! Based on your feedback, we have continuously added functionality and soon, Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app will be everything you need to run your business.
Start your free trial today

We’re happy to announce that you’ll be able to use Version 4 of the Stock Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app very soon. If you haven’t tried our app yet, start your 30-day free trial today.