2020 Design Import Update: Combine Same-Code Items Into One

Who Gets It: Manufacturers & Retailers

What Is It: This is a new ability to select 2020 design items with the same code and combine them into one item that carries a higher quantity. Additionally, these items will be added to the proposal in the following order: Base, Wall, Accessories.

How It Works: After importing the 2020 design file, you will notice the two new buttons on the top right-hand corner that can be used to select the same codes and then combine them into one item. You can always manually check/uncheck items if necessary before combining them. When items are combined, their quantities will add up.

Combine Multiple Same-Code Items Into One

Why It Matters: Sometimes, your 2020 design files include multiple items with the same code and it is more convenient to combine them into one item with a higher quantity while creating an estimate.