Chat Widget Solution to Improve Manufacturer-Dealer Communication

Who gets it: Manufacturers and Dealers

What is it: We introduce a new ability for cabinet manufacturers and cabinet dealers to improve their communication even more. Manufacturers can embed a third-party chat solution widget of their choice that helps with customer service and support. When embedded, cabinet dealers will be able to communicate with their manufacturers easily in case they need any assistance.

Improving Manufacturer-Dealer Communication through a Chat Widget Solution

How it works: Manufacturers can give KitchenDEV access to their third-party chat widget which our developers will then embed in the application. When we are finished, dealers will see a chat widget in the bottom right corner while they are using the application.

Why it matters: When looking to improve customer service and support, with the goal of selling more cabinets, communication between manufacturers and dealers is critical. Dealers can be one of the most challenging relationships for manufacturers and vice versa. This is why we continue to explore new and advanced ways to further improve and ease their communication.