Added the Ability to Create User Groups and Manage Permissions

Who gets it: Kitchen Retailers and Manufacturers

What is it: This is a new page — Permissions. It is located under Settings. Here, retailer and manufacturer users can create different user groups and define permissions for each. These user groups can then be assigned to individual users to restrict their access to specific features.

create user groups and manage permissions

Why it matters: While some companies are okay with regular users being able to access sensitive information, some are not. Furthermore, the notion of what is ‘sensitive’ information can differ among different companies. With the addition of Permissions, access to pages and specific actions within a page can now be fully customized.

How it works: Regardless of whether you are a manufacturer or a retailer, you will see the Permissions page located under Settings. Out of the box, two default groups are available — User and Admin group. These two groups cannot be modified or deleted. Admin group has full access, while the User group cannot access Settings.

If these two groups aren’t enough for your needs, you can create a new user group by entering the name and clicking on the ‘Add group’. Once created, you can enable or disable actions for each available feature for the created group and click the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. While creating or editing a user, you will have an option to assign them one of the existing user groups.