New Ability to Add Kit Items Selection to Cabinet Parts

Who gets it: Dealers and Manufacturers

What is it: This is a new ability that allows you to mark specific items as kit items and bundle them together with another item so that adding the main item will also include all of its kit items in the proposal.

How it works: Manufacturer admin can mark items as kit items when creating or editing an item.

ability to mark item as kit item
Ability to mark item as a kit item

When an item is marked as a kit item, it will be available for the selection of available kit items while creating or editing an item.

selecting kit items that are bundled with main item
Selecting kit items that are bundled with the main item

When adding an item that has kit items in the proposal, all of the available kit items will automatically be included as sub-items without the user having to add them manually.

Adding item with kit item to proposal
Adding an item with the kit item to a proposal

Why it matters: This is KitchenDEV way to bring individual but related products together to make your ordering process easier. Now you can quickly and easily identify separate items as a bundle and avoid having to look for them individually when placing an order.