2020 Design Import Feature Improved

Who Gets It: Retailers and Manufacturers

What Is It: This is one of the top features of Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app and one of main competitive advantages for retailers that is now updated with new improvements for even easier 2020 Design Import.

How It Works: The style selection / design import step is now split into two tabs. To import a design file, click the Import 2020 Design tab and select the exported file in txt or csv format.


If import was successful, you will be presented with a table containing the items that were found in the design file. Since door style and item names can be slightly different than the names used in our system, you may need to manually select the door style and manually map or remove some of the items. When all items are mapped and door style is selected, you can click on the Add to Proposal button to continue to the next step with all of the items added to the proposal.

Why It Matters: Kitchen retailers use 2020 Design to design kitchens, and being able to add all parts from 2020 at once, without having to enter one by one manually, is much more convenient for them. This integration gives you an additional advantage, saves your time, and helps you increase the efficiency of your operations and sales.⠀