How to Find Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers and Dealer Requirements

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all kitchen cabinet. The way cabinets are made has an effect on cost, production time, the quality of your design, and the overall appearance of your kitchen. That being said, you need to check all those items before making a deal with any manufacturer. There are 3 methods of cabinet manufacturing you’ll need to know before finding your showroom partners:  

Custom cabinets 

Cabinets are made up of doors and parts that are cut and fabricated by a single team of skilled craftsmen, one kitchen at a time. These take the longest to produce and they are also generally the most labor-intensive. Depending on your work process and sales cycle you may want how long for specific types of cabinets could take.

Stock cabinets  

These cabinets are produced for mass assembly and after their production, they are placed in inventory by style and color. Each one of these cabinets is shown when they are done, so you basically get what you see. In efficient software production lines, toner coats, equalizers, and stains are sprayed on. To compensate for color variance in the hardwood, darker stains are widely used on stock cabinets. Before packing, a final inspection is performed. 

Modular cabinets 

Modular cabinets are made on a medium-production basis. Completed components are staged and numbered in the factory before being brought together on a dedicated production line for final assembly and packaging. 

Now, let’s get to the ways of finding manufacturers and what to do once you find them. 

Do your research 

First, decide if you want to produce domestically or overseas, as each will have its pros and cons. Finding the right manufacturer for your product is crucial to your success. Manufacturers control your product’s cost, quality, and packaging, and shipping. If you’ve decided to seek out an overseas manufacturer, your best bet is to work with a sourcing expert that focuses on the specific country you have in mind. If you’ve decided to pursue a relationship with a domestic manufacturer, you can search for them on some directories or other sites that provide that information online. Another great research tool: locate your product’s trade show or another great starting point when looking for manufacturers is to tap into your industry’s small business network, as these folks will have valuable first-hand experience to share. Using social media to spread the word has never been simpler, so take advantage of it. Join eCommerce company owner Facebook groups and other online forums to see if anyone has sent you a glowing review. 

Analyze your manufacturer requirements

Following our previous tips on research, you’ll most likely find many manufacturers. But now, there are some requirements that you want to be fulfilled.  

What is the cost per unit?

Of course that the first thing you’re going to look at is the price. Does it fit your budget or do you need to negotiate? Some manufacturers will give you discount on larger amounts and joining specific software such as KitchenDEV will help you on your way.

Can they produce custom products?

Many clients want custom products these days so it’s very important to look for answers. do they have the skills? The resources? 

Are there setup fees involved?

Many times, there are some extra fees that they don’t mention very clear for the first time or they put them at the end so you can easily miss it.  

Production process?

It’s important how much time does it take to produce cabinets so you can plan everything ahead. Timing in kitchen and bath industry is crucial to make your customers satisfied and your business growing. Delivering projects on time will help you with returning customers and better business reputation. Choosing a manufacturer that can deliver on time and not being late is what you will need to look for. 

Minimum order quantities?

You’ll want to agree on this one for sure. You’ll easily hear about minimum order quantities if you’re looking for a supplier for the first time. Depending on the product and manufacturer, a manufacturer can require a commitment to purchase hundreds of units for your first order. So, we’re up to our next step: negotiation

Before you start negotiating, figure out why the supplier has set a minimum. Is it because there’s a lot of work involved in the beginning? Or it may be that they tend to work for larger clients. Understanding the reasons for the minimum will allow you to better comprehend their position and negotiate and present the best counter offer. Many suppliers will require new businesses to pay for the full order upfront. 

After you’ve looked at the capabilities of possible suppliers for your product, you should be able to narrow down a shortlist of companies to contact in order to learn more about them and how they can assist you. 

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So now that you know where you can find the best reputable manufacturers for kitchen cabinets and their catalogs, as well as the requirements you should consider, that’s pretty much it! You can start your next project with confidence! Good luck!

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