Mobile Application for Warehouse Employees

Kitchen cabinet manufacturing warehouse management solution that optimizes essential workflows, accelerates vital processes, and minimizes errors is available on Apple Store.


Warehouse logistics customized specifically for the kitchen cabinet industry streamlined to deliver excellence — a convenient, reliable, and productive user experience.

KitchenDEV Manufacturer warehouse management mobile app allows you to streamline the processes of inventory management, shipping and receiving, order management, and purchase order workflow. Fully integrated with Cabinet Pricing & Ordering ERP, this new generation warehouse management application that can be handheld with your mobile device is built for cabinet manufacturers who use our ERP, providing them with expanded functionality.

KitchenDEV Warehouse Management Mobile App Features

KitchenDEV warehouse mobile app is a complementary application to the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software that helps warehouse managers seamlessly and easily scan items, collect and scan items for orders, scan and mark orders while assembling them, ship and receive, control and keep track of the inventory through their mobile devices.

Information collected in the KitchenDEV mobile warehouse app is instantly updated in KitchenDEV ERP to improve precision, productivity, and customer service.


Use your mobile device's camera as a barcode scanner.


Scan and mark items as you assemble them


Scan and mark items as collect items for orders.

SHIP & Receive

Receive purchase orders and ship customer orders.

Warehouse Operations Made Simple In the Palm of Your Hand

Warehouse employees scan barcodes generated by the KitchenDEV warehouse management system mobile app when collecting, assembling, and loading cabinets for delivery. This automatically sets the order status and office admins are able to track the orders in real-time, providing their customers with accurate estimates for delivery or pick-up.

Our Stock Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app already offers a powerful back-end system with cloud-based access, and integration with your existing inventory, ordering, accounting, and other systems. Mobile Application brings these elements into your warehouse, at your fingertips. As a result, order and inventory management on-the-go for cabinet manufacturers has never been simpler.

Fast and accurate barcode scanning

Automated workflows triggered by scan events

Dramatically increased warehouse efficiency

Minimized manual inventory tasks

Robust user experience

Slick & modern user interface

Access to order pipeline at your fingertips

Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone and iPad.

Create Your Own Manufacturer Account on KitchenDEV & Start Using the App

Start using our cabinet manufacturer warehouse management app for better collaboration, greater accuracy, and impeccable insight into warehouse activities by creating your own Manufacturer account.

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Are you currently using the Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app?

Simply download the application from the Apple Store into your iOS device and start using it free of charge, with minimal setup.

KitchenDEV warehouse mobile app is available at the App Store

In case you’re not a current Cabinet Pricing & Ordering user, and you’d like to further understand the combined power of ERP and Warehouse management mobile app, please contact us.