2020 Kitchen Design Automated Export to Netsuite

Do you want a hassle-free solution to import your 2020 kitchen design to Netsuite?

Our automated system saves time, reduces labor, and eliminates errors. You no longer have to manually enter parts as our custom-made system seamlessly imports your 2020 designs into Netsuite in no time.

We understand that your kitchen business is growing but that your poorly integrated systems cannot keep up, thus you’re looking for an agile system that can support your growth and the complexity it carries. Importing your 2020 kitchen designs to Netsuite may seem like a smaller issue than many others you may have, but we know how much of a hassle it can be. This is why we’re here to help.

Specializing in the kitchen industry and working with both kitchen manufacturers and retailers for almost a decade, KitchenDEV understands the particular issues you’re having. Syncing your inventory, customers, and orders between KitchenDEV and Netsuite is one of the custom features that proved very popular among our users. Importing designs from 2020, matching them to the Netsuite item codes and SKUs, and creating estimates directly in Netsuite is a capability that speeds up the process for our users incredibly.

2020 Kitchen Design Automated Export to Netsuite

Why Do I Need a Unique Solution to Export My 2020 Kitchen Design to Netsuite?

Although Netsuite provides a number of options for importing various types of data, it doesn’t offer a complete and fully functional solution for kitchen industry professionals who need to export their 2020 designs to Netsuite.

If you ever tried to import your 2020 designs into Netsuite or any other similar ERP system, you’ve probably noticed that you have only incomplete solutions at your disposal that don’t provide full control over the process that you require. KitchenDEV application was necessary because it gives you just that — a complete, hassle-free solution and full control when importing 2020 designs into Netsuite or a similar ERP.

Although 2020 design files contain product names, Netsuite requires more — product IDs, which cannot be mapped directly from the design file and exported into Netsuite. And this is where our app comes in to save the day. It flawlessly maps products from files into real products existing in inventory, and only after the mapping is it uploaded to the Netsuite. Netsuite requires some more options as well, which cannot be read from the design file.

So, if you plan for this contingency ahead of time, you can save yourself a lot of hassle down the road by using the KitchenDEV solution.

How Can I Export My 2020 Kitchen Designs to Netsuite Directly with KitchenDEV?

To do this as seamlessly and as easily as possible, use KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app. It brings a number of benefits you need right now. With it, you can:

  • Import a kitchen design made in 2020 and get all the parts
  • Map the parts coming from 2020 to the codes in Netsuite
  • Display the results to the user and ask for help for the parts it can’t match
  • Create new estimates in Netsuite and add all the parts to the estimate automatically

Go to the Catalog page, and you’ll see product numbers, product names, as well as IDs. To add a product, you can choose to create a new product manually, or go to Actions for a particular product and see all the details listed.

Go to Settings to see, review, and add Users as necessary. You can also add Subsidiaries, Locations, and Special Order Items.

When you go to Import a Design, choose a cabinet Door Style, and then upload a design file from your computer.

selecting style and design file

Click Import and this will take you to the next step — Editing. Here, add a subsidiary and choose a location. The system will list all the parts and warn you if some of the parts cannot be mapped, offering you an option to map them manually or remove them so you can proceed and import the design to Netsuite.

display imported items and map unmapped ones

As the last step, you will be able to Review and Upload the design.

review and upload to Netsuite

If the design is successfully uploaded to Netsuite, you will be able to open it and review a brand new estimate created automatically in Netsuite.

Optionally, you can import your NetSuite items from a CSV file into the app.

Add a subsidiary and location details.

Add subsidiaries
Add subsidiaries
Add locations
Add locations

You can enter all the necessary Netsuite credentials.

Adding Netsuite credentials
Adding Netsuite credentials

Start Exporting 2020 Designs to Netsuite Easily and Seamlessly with KitchenDEV

If you’re currently using our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering app, you may already know about its many exceptionally useful and practical features that save tons of time and resources. Chances are, you’re already familiar with this particular one and you are using it to the fullest potential.

In case you’re not a current Cabinet Pricing & Ordering user, and you’d like to further understand how to export your 2020 designs directly to Netsuite or a similar ERP and automatically create estimates, contact us. Our specialists will be happy to help you and guide you through the process.

You can use our full ERP application or just selected components. We integrate with Netsuite and similar ERP applications. Our application can act as an online portal to your dealers where they can upload 2020 designs and see your pricing. They can then place orders on our application which result as quotes in Netsuite or another ERP you use. With KitchenDEV, you can easily bring your design into our application to price the parts, add custom modifications and charges, and create a proposal for your customer.

The options with KitchenDEV are truly infinite, as we closely listen to the needs of our users and keep coming up with unique, custom-made solutions to meet their specific needs.

Ask us any questions about the many effective solutions we offer to the kitchen industry professionals, and let our experts show you how we can solve your problems and help you succeed.


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