2020 Kitchen Design to Netsuite Export Application

Are you looking for an automated system to import your 2020 Designs into your current ERP system such as Netsuite seamlessly? Look no further! Our one of a kind Kitchen Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software program can provide you with an easy solution when it comes to this issue!

KitchenDEV features

With our KitchenDEV software, specially designed for manufacturers you can save time and avoid errors with our automated system instead of manually entering parts from 2020 kitchen designs. Our state of the art software is completely customized to your needs. You can use this app to import kitchen designs made in 2020, hassle-free.

What makes our software so special is that the app itself can decode design files and retrieve all the necessary parts, error-free! In addition, KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software program will map the kitchen design parts from the 2020 kitchen design program to the codes in Netsuite. Meaning, you won’t have any issues transferring your data from 2020 to your Enterprise resource planning software program, such as Netsuite. 

One more great feature that KitchenDev software has to offer is that when the program displays the results to users, it will always ask for help if it can’t match some parts. Consequently, you can rest assure that no mistakes will ever be made while using this software! Lastly, KitchenDEV app will create a new estimate in Netsuite, including all the necessary parts.

Help your dealers!

With our unique software, you can provide your dealers an online portal where they can import a kitchen design or enter parts manually to easily get pricing. Let your dealers place orders and see the lead time and order status in real-time. The app will also provide your dealers with a login and let them order from your catalog, with no further explanation needed! While using KitchenDEV Cabinet pricing & Ordering software application you can add and invite all of your dealers into the application and adjust discount levels for each separately as desired. This characteristic will definitely help you and your accounting team, that’s for sure! No more going through seamless price charts, etc, everything will be in one place!

No other app can offer you these kinds of features, we can guarantee you that!  With our easy functions, you can save your time, as well as your dealer’s time! Subsequently, the service will be quicker, more accurate, and correspondingly your business will be much more efficient! 

Help your employees! 

With our Multi-user option, you can rest assured that your employees will have all the help they need to complete their daily tasks stress-free! We all know that a happy employee equals a happy customer. Nowadays, in business, greater focus is on employee satisfaction than customer satisfaction, due to the previously stated fact. We must nurture our employees and assist them in every possible way so that they can do their job more effectively. Correspondingly, with time your employees will feel empowered to complete their work without any assistance whatsoever!

KitchenDEV Cabinet pricing & Ordering software program allows you to add your staff members and warehouse personnel and streamline the order management workflow. Doesn’t this feature sound amazing? Our satisfied customers claim that it is one of the best features this app has to offer! In addition, we can humbly state this is absolutely true!

Whatsmore, you can easily manage the order workflow including change order flow and manage the return merchandise authorization process. Everyone who is in this business knows that RMA can be an exhausting process, which no one likes to do. With our software, you can say goodbye to these issues! 

KitchenDEV Mobile Application

Our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering Software is also available on App Store, just for your warehouse employees! Our state of art mobile application can help you manage the purchase orders by receiving and preparing orders for shipment. Your warehouse employees will be thankful for this feature, that’s one thing you don’t have to doubt, that’s for sure! They will be able to scan barcodes generated by KitchenDEV application in order to collect, assemble and load items for delivery. Afterward, our app will automatically set the order status. 

One more great function that KitchenDEV has to offer you is that all admins will be able to track the orders in real-time and provide their customers with accurate estimates for delivery and pick up! It is known that customers are always eager to know when will they receive their newly purchased item, hence our app will help you with this issue. Moreover, recent psychology research claims that when customers are provided with the exact waiting time their dissatisfaction gradually disappears, and makes them feel excited by each minute/day passes until the delivery time. To sum up, our astonishing Cabinet pricing & Ordering software program will help you maintain your customer satisfaction on the highest possible level!


KitchenDEV warehouse mobile app is available at the App Store


KitchenDEV Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software program truly represents one of a kind software application, since there is no other alike on the market available! The reasoning behind it is that before developing this software program we have conducted extensive market research and found some gaps which were urgent to fill. After carefully customizing our app to market needs, we have published our Cabinet Pricing & Ordering software program which has already proven its worth! Multiple kitchen cabinets manufacturers are claiming that KitchenDEV app has made their life so much easier! 

Why don’t you join our list of satisfied customers and sign up for our 30-day free trial  KitchenDEV experience, no credit card needed, and you can cancel at any time. Once you easily sign up for our software, you will see how easy it is to utilize it and you will simply fall in love with it! If you would like you can schedule a demo, or send us an inquiry and we will call you back with a personalized offer. Contact us today, and let’s start making your life and your dealers easier!

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