How to Process Orders

All orders that come your way from your dealers, you will be able to see in your part of the app. To select orders easily and find those you’re looking for fast, you can filter them by retailer, price, status, purchase order number, and vendor order number.

View and Edit Orders

To view and edit an order, click on the edit icon in the Orders table, as shown in the image below.

View and edit orders from your dealers
View and edit orders

Change Order Status and Give Dates

To change order status or give delivery dates to your dealers, you can edit the Order form. The edited dates will be visible on the calendar page on the retailer side of the app.

Change order status
Change order status

Review Orders

To review an order, scroll down to the bottom of the page. Here you can see all the details regarding an order you received, such as cabinet style, whether ordered cabinets are assembled or knocked down, etc.

Review orders
Review orders

You can also use the ability to select returning payments from your dealers as a credit or a refund. This can be done when a dealer cancels their order and only after the order is paid.

Refunding or Crediting Payments in KitchenDEV Software
Select returning payments from your dealers as a credit or a refund.

When canceling an order that has payments, you will be presented with a modal dialog where you can select the appropriate option.


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