How to Manage Cabinetry Parts

Manage cabinet parts on the Parts page.

From here, a cabinet manufacturer can add new parts in two ways: by uploading them from a CSV file or by manually adding new cabinet parts.

Here you can also scale prices for all cabinet parts or scale prices of parts per price group.

Editing the price of each individual cabinet part is also an option.

Manage cabinetry parts
The Parts page

Before adding new parts, you need to create all series and collections by going to the Styles page.

Add New Cabinetry Parts

To add a new cabinet part manually, click on the ‘Add part’ button in the top right-hand corner of the Parts page and fill in the form that pops up.

If a particular part is used in some other software like 2020 Design under a different code, you can enter that code in the Synonyms field. This will help our system integrate better with software like 2020 Design and allow your dealers to import design files more accurately.

If the part you’re adding can come as assembled, please check the ‘Charge assembly’ checkbox. This defines if a particular cabinet part can be assembled or not. If you check the ‘Charge assembly’ box, it will add additional cost to the item.

Create a new part
Create a new part

Scale Prices

To increase or decrease the prices for all cabinet parts, click on the ‘Scale prices’ button and enter the multiplier. If, for example, you wish to increase the prices for all parts by 15%, you will enter 1.15 in the multiplier field, as shown in the image below.

Scale prices
Scale prices

Increase or Decrease Prices for Parts of a Specific Price Group

To increase or decrease the prices for parts of a specific price group, click on the price group name in the table and enter a multiplier. See the following example that shows how to increase the prices in the CYOF price group by 10%.

Manage price group
Manage price group

Edit Prices of Individual Cabinet Parts

To edit the price of an individual cabinet part, click on the individual price cell inside the table and simply enter the new price. You will notice the price is updated as it will turn orange. To apply these changes, click the ‘Update prices’ button on the left below the table.

Individual prices update
Individual prices update



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